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April 16, 2012

Tags: Sarah grant, Coachella, Videos, Funny, Viral.

So every now and then I like to post the most recent viral videos or things I've discovered on the internet that I love.
1. I used to go to Coachella every year. Here is a pic from one of the years I went with my LA crew. We stayed up almost the whole time with a few brief interludes of napping in the tent. Only to be awoken gross and sweaty when the sun rose on our tent...which was essentially a sauna by 6am. I had a blast and I am sad to see Coachella come and go minus me. Sad

But who was there that you wouldn't expect? Tupac. Check it out.

HOLOGRAMS! Boom. My mom used to watch Star Trek when I was a kid, religiously. Even Deep Space Nine. And I remember I used to think that if I could only have a hologram reality I could be in love with whomever I wanted. I would pray for a Brad Pitt hologram. Welp, we are almost there! stop....fantasy land. Who would I pick now? What would YOUR hologram reality look like?
Now this little girl is making her own reality!

Obviously it is me, so I have to put a dog something in there somewhere.

And this one reminded me about the little pleasures we all enjoy in this life and sometimes forget to appreciate. LIKE MUSIC.

Hope you enjoy them as much I did this week! Off to Cebu on Thursday! Can't wait!!