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September 03, 2012

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I just got back from Texas last Monday and when I got an email saying I would be flying back to Dallas that Wenesday to be honest I wasn't overly thrilled. But I did my laundry, packed up that bag, rented a mini-van for the team and headed for Dallas. Flew UsAirways, had two delays in two flights. Sat in the middle both flights. Got charged a boat load for insurance to protect from the impending weather problems due to some hurricane.
And then things started to look up. We turned up the HIghway Man in the mini-van and headed out in the Sunset toward Thackerville Oklahoma. From the moment we arrived these people rocked my socks off. I arranged for a tour of the entire facility Day 1a. Had a blast shooting the shiz with the Poker Room Manager and the Marketing team.

Really, I already love the South and the Mid-West for that matter. But this just cemented it. People are so mellow and polite. I can think of tons of tournaments where we are sitting at our table and people will just come up and demand information or demand to use our phone chargers. It isn't what they are asking for, it is the way they do it. Here, everyone was very politely approaching with things like, "Excuse me, I don't mean to bother you, but could you please point me to this table," or "you wouldn't by any chance be able to help me find a plug for my phone for a few minutes." It is so funny how much more eager I am to help when someone just adds a little social nicety to things. Much Kudos to the people here.
Sometimes it is really difficult to get players to make a little bit of a fool of themselves. Not here! Everyone was willing and ready to sing a musical! People actually wanted to participate and were excited to watch when it was done. It felt like a community.

And even though the players didn't actually know the answers...they sure had some good ones of their own.

Everyone was talking about how this is one of the best kept secret tournaments. Well, word is out folks. I hope I come back next year and if you didn't come this year...COME!