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WSOP 2012

October 30, 2012

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It is 1:35 in the morning and I am sitting in the dark in the Penn and Teller Theatre uploading videos. And I still have energy! The energy in the Rio during the WSOP Main Event Final Table is so palpable.
I remember the first time I was here for this event in 2010 I had never experienced anything like it. I was just getting to know poker and there were so many interesting characters. The Grinder, Duhamel, Senti, Cheong, Dolan, Jarvis, Racener...I mean I was just overwhelmed. And then there was the action. There were so many cards that fell to create these epic moments. Someone hitting a 3 outer on the river. The turn giving tons of new outs. Even Shaun the Dealer told me he had never dealt so many coolers and bad beats in his life.
Now things are even closer to home. Before we watched from a window high above the action. Now we are on the main stage. I can literally feel the stands shake when the rail goes crazy. I can hear everything. I can smell the hang overs from the rowdy fans.
(my view this year)

It is such an incredible experience. I've never seen a professional football game but I have to liken it to something of a spectacle like that. Yet there is something that makes this entirely unique.
The fans have some personal investment. It isn't just like a football game where maybe you chose your team based on where you were born or where you live now or even just randomly. Almost every spectator in here is rooting for someone because they know them and love them. It is not a convenient affair at a stadium 20 minutes away. People travel from all over to see this thing. And many of them put their hearts in it. The feel like they are a part of it. And they might not even be poker fans. Although I imagine if they weren't before this, they will be after.


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