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From Zero to Supernova – WBCOOP 2012

February 20, 2012 1 comments

Hi everyone.

This is my contribution to WBCOOP 2012 contest. Few words to introduce me and then we will get to my idea on how to spend the main prize.

I am 21 years old guy from Latvia’s capital city Riga, which is a really cool place to live in. Now it’s about 5 years since I learned that flush beats straight and there are no 3-pair or 7-card straight hands in poker.For about a year I play it professionally and although I have a regular job, poker is my main income source in most of the months. Because, you know, downswings happen too. As I started to take poker seriously, I launched my blog on one of Latvia’s most visited poker forums: http://lv.donkr.com/blog/poker-arkly (it’s in Latvian) and blogging has been one of my passions since then.

While I have been a pretty consistent winner and had some success in my poker career, I have never grinded more than 9 tables at the same time. Neither I have grinded 12+ hour sessions, so I can’t really call myself a real grinder. Despite all the tiredness and things that are sacrificed while grinding that hard, I have always been amazed by people who can and are doing it. There is one milestone that shows the fact that you’re able to put in real grind and still be profitable, and it’s Supernova status.

To achieve Supernova status, I have to play about 16,000 $15 sngs or 8,000 $30 sngs and my guess is that it would take about 3-5 months depending on how fast I get better at mass multi-tabling and other necessary skills.

It is pretty easy to figure out that every person would spend $5,000 on things they like. I am no different. So if I won this promotion, I would use it as a bankroll for the project I would call “From zero to Supernova”. Some of the money would go to one more monitor, table ninja software and coaching in specific disciplines. Grinding itself might not be considered “interesting way” to spend money on, but my idea is to blog at least 3-5 times a week so everybody can follow every up and down I will be facing by going from “zero” in real poker grinding to “Supernova”.

Certainly, the main thing in this project would be sticking to the plan. For this reason I will choose two or three types of SNG tournaments (most probably 18 and 45 man) and will play that and only that. No shots at high-stakes MTTs or cash-games.

What if I loose the bankroll for this project? Then I will have officially failed the challenge, but as it is easy to understand it’s not in my interest and neither it will be interesting for potential project followers. What if I for some reason have to quit the chase somewhere in the middle? Then I will donate remaining project funds to a local “Animal Shelter”.

It is understandable how poker world would benefit from such a blog, but to contribute something to the rest of the world, after reaching supernova status I will give 10% of my winnings (Supernova bonuses included) to the same local “Animal Shelter” that I mentioned above.

With this post I am launching my new blog homepage http://blog.arkly.lv which will be used for “From zero to Supernova” project as well. With that said, I wish good luck to all the bloggers who participate in this years WBCOOP and may the best win.

Enjoy your life and poker!


via http://blog.arkly.lv/


braminc February 28, 2012 Quote

if you get 40 votes in less than 1 hr all from same IP location, does that mean you're cheating?

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