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If I won the $5000 WBCOOP Best Blogger

February 20, 2012

Let me see... what will I do with my $5000 if I win the Pokerstars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker???

I guess it would be the best time to change my Jurassic cell phone

to those latest touch touch screen thingy ones... and be cool!

get those ipad's to read my news in fashion...

GBuy my daughter a big sized television for her bedroom...

Renovate my POKER office...

Get my family to a really nice luxury hotel by the beach

and spend quality time with my wife near the shores....

Gotta have those big cameras as well to capture the moments

Buy my beautiful wife more dress...

and some very sexy lingerie to keep those cold nights warm... yeah baby!!

I might as well beg my wife to get a boob job and tell her how really good she will look and that her friends are going to be very jealous and envy of how BIG they are, and be admired... I'll be a very proud and HORNY husband by then... he he he!!

big sunglasses as well for that added cool look...

Have myself a really good thai massage and take out those stress whenever I lose to those 72o cards allin pre-flop!!

Fancy dinner date with my wife and tell her how beautiful and sexy she is... how much I like touching her soft skin... seeing her smile... and tell her much I love her... (so she can let me play poker more...)

I will buy some toys... lots and lots of toys! Or better yet why not buy the whole damn toy store for my two beautiful princess.

I think I should include two housemaid's

just to watch over my children and take care of the house whenever my wife is not around... I like getting cleaned... I mean my house getting cleaned from dirt and germs, especially the bathrooms. I LIKE watching the MAIDS cleaning.... oh, I mean watching the dirt getting cleaned... (wink)

Go shopping and buy more food and drinks (to keep me awake whenever I play those marathon tourneys in the middle of the night!)

I think by this time I will have enough money to play poker again in a 1/2c NL table and grind myself till the last penny I have... Big Grin

Well, a dream is a dream... and best part of it is that its free!!!

Who knows i may have enough money to play one of the big weekly games running on pokerstars like:

and SCORE a bigger price... a life changing one for my family!

If not, I could try to play on one of the LIVE cardrooms and burn a little cash with the big boys

Hope I don't get mugged after cashing out a big win while running home....

and if that's not enough I could still have a chance to play other online tournaments, a large selection of them...

Not to mention the small buy-in tourneys with big price pools like this

I gotta wake up now and wait for the Pokerstars' blogger team to read my post and declare me the biggest...... LOSER!!! LOL! just kidding guys! NO REALLY I'M JUST JOKING... don't take that seriously ok! ;-)

crossing my fingers...

Ooooopps!!! I almost forgot to flush.. now where is that tissue....

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