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One small transfer for Pokerstars, One Giant Leap for a Micro-Stakes Poker player

February 27, 2012 2 comments


Some would call it a day’s profit, some would call it one big Blind…and for others like me, I would call it an ‘opportunity’. An opportunity to play with the big stars in poker, an opportunity to make a name for myself in poker, and most importantly an opportunity to play in a table with the stars of Poker Stars without having to sweat it out on the waiting list. I still remember that fateful day when Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom played $0.50 table, I was 125th on the waiting list. I hadn’t even broken into the 100th slot when Mr. Blom decided to leave the table, shattering all my dreams. Oh Man! Was I close to playing him then. I mean for all we know, I could have been the player that gives Mr.Blom endless nightmares right? Moving on, I would be able to use the observer chat on the Pro’s table too, without having the notification ‘You require minimum buy-in to chat’ pop up when all you want to say was ‘Good Luck, kid Poker’.

eople who know me, know exactly what I would do with the money. Give 10% of it to charity (no kidding here, great poker players are philanthropist) and with the rest, play with the best. I can imagine the big papa, Doyle Brunson telling Phil Ivey on the sets of High Stakes Poker how the person who won the Bloggers championship on Pokerstars became the new player to beat on online Poker. This in turn will have a moneymaker effect (in other words ‘bloggerwriters’ effect) turning 70% of the online poker players into bloggers, and consecutively making the poker blogging world into a profit making industry. In a world where the virtual world and social media in particular is breaking down boundaries, blogging is definitely the key to spread the word. It won’t be long before poker is played in every corner of the world. Now, isn’t that something to look forward to?

I can imagine the new trend in poker. Earlier, it use to be live poker players against online poker players but now there has been a paradigm shift to Poker players vs Poker bloggers. The statement ‘ If you’re too scared to play here, go hide behind a computer’ changed dramatically to ‘ if you’re scared to play here, go write a blog’. It will be the dawn of a new era, the time for the new breed of Poker players- the Bloggers to rise!

Here we go again. Earth to Martin….Earth to Martin! Almost got carried away again, nothing new there. I was already imagining myself attacking poker players with instant tweets (Equivalent to 3 Bet) & diverse quotes from various blogs (equivalent to the triple range merge) on the poker table.

So anyway, whatever the outcome maybe with this promotion, all I know is that even if I don’t win this competition; my dream of playing with the big names will not be shattered or deterred. So wish me luck, people. It’s either today or it’s just a matter of time.

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psycomico March 01, 2012 Quote

From internet poker to blogger poker. A good vision, a great insight towards the increments in blogger market. Not wanting more geeks coming through though (wink wink). Hope you give the Gagnte Efffect (eg-moneymaker effect) to the blogger world and turn words into millions.
All the best. You got my support.

WhitelilyK9 March 01, 2012 Quote

Wow!... Great post.. A very well written entry.. Waiting for the 'Martin Effect' to follow.Smile.. Here's another vote.. Good luck...Cheers!!

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