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February 17, 2012

Ok am trying to log in to my full tilt account and i cant...i quickly learn that it has been closed down.Am not really that bothered cus i only have about 3 GRAND! in my account.Are u kidding me.3K is a lot of money ...especially if ure from Nigeria.

I had been playing on FTP for about 2yrs and It took a long time to build that roll and it was gone in 1day.I was already hooked on the game so i started looking for somewhere else to play.

Pokerstars was recommended and i found the best poker experience ever.I havent had any big wins yet on the site but there have been a couple of good runs...a couple of 2nds and one 3rd place in 6k guaranteed tourneys...and then i heard about WBCOOP and am thinking....this could be an opportunity to maybe rebuild my long lost bankroll,this could be an opportunity to maybe be the first Supernova from Nigeria and maybe this could be an opportunity to be a champion on Pokerstars.

And so here am i,hitting the blog ASAP for an opportunity to maybe make history,so Pokerstars support pls drop me a ticket and watch out for a Nigerian dude on the tables called "leeroywill".

via http://ultimategrinders.com/


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