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February 17, 2012

Hey guys,

Well something exciting is about to run again and its called WBCOOP 2012. This is where all the best blogs in the world compete in 30 events from the 23rd of January to the 4th of March and I am hoping to be one of them.

If I was lucky enough to win the $5,000 WBCOOP Best Blogger prize, I would simply use it as a timely bankroll boost. As mentioned in a few past blogs, keeping a bankroll online lately has been tough for me and it would be so handy to boost my bankroll, winning this would be awesome and take my poker journey in an amazing new direction with a bankroll to actually get things going for me.

For those bloggers out there or other people who may be interested, you can check out WBCOOP info here:


Again this week my volume has been lacking but my life has not. I have been working hard on a new business (will discuss further at a later date).

I have also just started working a new job, and getting my body clock accustomed to the new hours is harder and taking a little longer than I thought. this should change again over the next few weeks, and still feel I can reach my set goals for the month.

I am also in talks with a poker coach, so really looking forward to having my game reviewed and ripped apart by someone that can improve my game to bigger and better things.

My little girl has been at school for nearly 2 weeks now and she is dead set loving the hell out of it. From talking with the teachers, I am told she has settled into her new schooling life with ease, and it making new friends at a rate of nots, I'm so very excited for her.

this year has been great for me playing cricket again, we are now at the business end of the season with one round left before semi finals. We are currently in 4th place and weather we finish in the top 4 and get to play semi final cricket or not comes down to this last game. We are playing against a very good side, so we are going to have to improve on our recent performances to beat them. Unfortunately I am not playing this game as I broke my finger in the gale last week.

Lets go the mighty Seagulls we can do it.

This was also a big week for the club, this week marked the 100 year birthday for the club and boy did we celebrate it. there was some great functioned for the club, where old and new players alike got to meet and greet, play with and drink copious amounts of beer with each other. We also announced the team of century and I am super proud to say I played with many of these guys over the last 15 years.

I know are some guys reading this blog that haven't subscribed, if you are one of these guys, help a brother out with followers, follow my twitter from the button on the blog, and even come join my home game club on PokerStars so I take your money Smile

Until next time, best of luck at the tables and I hope to be taking your chips in the WBCOOP 2012.


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