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WBCOOP 2012 The epic begining of our poker blogging journey!

February 20, 2012 56 comments

My name is Radostin Minchev and this is the very beggining of my poker blogging journey.
A way for me to show you that the more you belive the bigger you can be.

I have started playing poker about 8 years ago when online poker was not that far from its begining.
For years and years i have being practicing playing in freerolls in various poker rooms, i have faced many challanges and ive took many hard decisions , some times the right ones some times not that right to be choosen.
Thats what builds a poker mind-set in a player it also builds the courage the attitude and the skills desired to be a winning player in this world greatest mind challange.

And now to the main reason of me starting my poker blog.

And thats WBCOOP 2012
My Poker Home since 2006 PokerStars is asking me what would i do with $5,000

Im living in a small country with economy close to a third world county,
since i have graduated school i have being trying to do something with my life.
I couldnt afford univeristy and i tryed to look around for a job with an IQ of 143
I couldnt find a job diffrent then construction worker and a barmaid for the summer season.
Then ive come to that "I need to do something not realated to my country economy its going down i wont go down with it."
From the minor sallary i was getting as a construction worker i have put a part aside and after 6 years of online poker practicing i have made my first deposit and then my life turned 180 degrees.
Ive build my own strategy combining the expiriance that i had with some books about Hold`em including life action and interviews with major Poker Stars.
And that led me to building a bankroll and being and actual profitable poker player.
The only thing that kept me away from moving up the limits and take my poker career higher was that im unable to keep a big stable bankroll and participate in tourneys i belong too.
For the simple reason i need to withdraw my winnings to make a living , and this oppurtunity you are giving right now can help me be the person i know im supose to be , the player im supose to be.
Poker Stars gave me the hope and did what my home country couldnt , it turned my potential in profit.

Thank you , Poker Stars

We Are Poker!

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readyyy656 March 05, 2012 Quote

Thanks to all my readers and fallowers who supported me in this worldwide poker bloggers challange.
Thanks for all the votes the comments and everything you are truly amazing audiance and dear friends.
Keep reading my blog and fallow me trough my new media project "How poker can change your life"
@ betterlifee.blogspot.com/

koleff March 04, 2012 Quote

The sooner they announce the winner, the better. Smile

qopar March 04, 2012 Quote

Scubtwo wrote:

Ive listened to you on the radio this morning , and i came to wish you luck.
There should be more peoples like you trying to do something for the peoples instead just stay aside and watch.
I will ask all my friends to vote for you the blog is awesome, and the idea of your project you spoke about also Smile)

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