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February 17, 2012


What would do with $5,000 if you won the WBCOOP Best Blogger prize?

If I won 5000? likely I would spend some part for the family, welness, vacation etc. Another part I would invest in poker. I have a lot of plan for this year, I would like to start playing/grinding SNGs on PokerStars comes to long-term deal under rules.
Never do that before, but now I really want to gind them with a tight BRM. MTT variance is a bitch, so I see the future in SNGs with mixing some MTTs. in sort, by the end of the year I would like to see myself beating mid/low stakes SNGs and playing mid/low MTTs. (of course would spend some of this amount for SCOOP events to make my dreamy life changing score).
anyway this amount would be safe to start this SNG thing journey. That’s it all, I do not want to buy a car or girls and luxury goods from this money . I will just start my new life in poker. GL everyone in the WBCOOP.

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