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What I would do if won a $5,000 PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker 2012 (WBCOOP) prize.

February 22, 2012 4 comments

What I would do if won a $5,000 PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP) prize. The first thing that comes to my mind is a shock. If I won such prize, I could barely speak for several days and it would be such a big honor for me. When I would actually understand what happened, I would start thinking what to do. Firstly, I would withdraw some of the money, because I need it for my study expenses. I am a first grader student, I am studying in a beautiful city of Edinburgh. I am studying Business and Marketing, I can call myself a businessman, because I know what it is to run a business, to make deals, that is why I think that I am a good poker player. If you are a good businessman, you can easily be a good poker player, you basically require the same skills (mathematics, concentration, logic, patience and more). My blog is not big, because I have just started my poker career, but as you see, I am taking every step to be successful in poker, blogging and business. I really like that an improvement in Business Skills helps in Poker and Vice Versa, that is why I think that one day I will become a professional poker player, believe it or not – I will.

The left money I would spend on poker. I would spend some of the money on online tournaments (I prefer tournaments instead of real cash tables).
I would buy several poker books to increase my experience. I would definitely buy a Poker Set (chips, plastic cards, green table top), so I could play poker with my friends! Talking about poker tournaments, I would also spend some money on real life poker tournaments. One of my dreams is to play in one of the biggest real life PokerStars tournaments, does not matter which one (Aussie Millions, TCOOPT, UKIPT, EPT, PCA, or APPT). I am good in playing online poker, but I am more than splendid in playing real life poker. I can easily ‘’read’’ people, see what are they thinking about. That is why I would like to participate in one of real life PokerStars tournaments. Moreover, I would also upgrade my blog, would buy an expensive domain address for it, would get it redesigned and more!

My expectations are not big, I am just a simple man, but if I won any award in this competition, I would see it as a trophy. And I really value such trophies, they show what you have made that others did not, it shows what skills you have, and it shows your strengths. I would like to thank PokerStars for creating such competitions, it helps you to show your creativity, share your ideas. As you see, I am a new poker player, but I can easily say, that PokerStars is the best poker community in the word. Nowhere else you can find such a good poker software, friendly support team, fabulous events and promotions. I would like to take an opportunity and say thanks to PokerStars, thank you for being yourself.

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WeRnIS February 24, 2012 Quote

Dear readddy, I already had nearly 200 votes today, it is my friends and followers, they are so excited to see me in first place. Thank you very much guys Smile

runtkirk3 February 24, 2012 Quote

Hey its runtkirk3, just wanted to say goodluck!!

IgnasNa February 29, 2012 Quote

Good luck bro Smile Awesome post Smile

WeRnIS March 06, 2012 Quote

Thanks to everyone for your support, thanks to my friends who supported me, thanks to my relatives. It is a really good to see such results during your birhday, thanks guys!

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