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What I Would Do with the $5,000 Best Blogger Prize

February 14, 2012 3 comments

Poker Stars is hosting there annual World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP)

I am trying to compete in it with my blog here at ShipTheCash.com

The Winner of the competition gets $5,000 in cool hard cash and this is what I would do with it.

I would upgrade my poker site to include daily video news instead of just regular blog posts. It would be slightly different than a video blog.

Main Goal of the $5,000 Best Blogger Prize

I would travel to the small country of Malta and set up shop on the small paradise island country with affordable living and have a more enjoyable daily life than the standard cold grind of Canada.

I would try and get some beautiful girls to take part in some cool poker related viral video ideas that would be posted on the blog and youtube for some added fun to the job. I would also since travelling to Malta to stay for as long as I could would go on the smaller tournament circuts like the UKIPT, Eureka Poker Tour and Portugal Poker Series because instead of costing $800 to fly there round trip it costs around $100 from Malta.

I always wanted to incorporate some sort of Charity system with my blog to give to charities because I know how many people want to do something, want to give it charities, but are just living on checks every 2 weeks and really can’t do anything about it.

Probably have some system set up where I would try and set 10 or 15% of my tournament winnings to charities and have some new ideas to incorporate charities into the daily blog without making the blog feel like it is a begging site.

Regardless there is a ton of ideas I have that I would finally be able to incorporate if I received $5,000!

I also have an idea for a Low Stakes Online Poker Show where 6 Players play Winner Take All Poker For Various Prizes that are determined after the show. I would like to start this and film it because it would have uncensored commentary which I believe would be hilarious for the viewers. When someone makes a bad fold or “donks” it off or gets bluffed in a big pot. The players would become regulars and it would be funny and enjoyable to get to know the regular players and how they change there game from tournament to tournament.

I have some incredible goals in the next 18 Months Including to find the “one” for me and becoming successful with not only the blog but with poker in general as my poker game has been sharp for years but hasn’t had the bankroll to get into the stakes that I would like to play.

The $5,000 would be completely life changing actually with me finally starting my dream of going to Malta and getting up each morning and exercising on the beach and getting healthy. Thinking of it as I am writing this Blog makes me pause and relax a little of the paradise that awaits.

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yoshi352000 February 27, 2012 Quote

You Can See Daily Video Blog Recaps at my site Shipthecash.com for the WBCOOP starting at Day 4. Thanks for all the votes world.

yoshi352000 March 01, 2012 Quote

Everyone has there time where they win that 2 outer that propels them to there big score, the kick start they needed to make a living out of it. Make this my one time give me my shot, my opportunity to turn my life around into something of myself. I need my one time please give me chance it would mean the world to me.

yoshi352000 March 03, 2012 Quote

Here is My Final Plea for The Best Poker Blogger Contest. Made a short Video to poker news, poker stars and anyone who is deciding if they should vote for me http://shipthecash.com/my-final-wbcoop-plea-to-vote-for-me-best-blog-contest/

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