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Home Game - No Limit Hold 'em

February 17, 2008

Saturday February 16 7.30pm. Cards are in the air for the biggest home tournament I've had. 16 players forked out $25 to compete for the cash and bragging rights of being home game champion. Starting stacks were 4500 with 20 minute levels of 25/50...


JC Players Club - Home Game - Jersey City, NJ

February 16, 2008

You Got Game!...Come join us at our weekly poker game Wednesday through Saturday in Jersey City, NJ at 8:00pm.

We play 1/2 and 2/5 No Limit Texas Holdem tourneys and live games. Snacks & Bevs served. Reserve your seats at one of our 3 pro tables...



February 15, 2008 1 comments

tijdje geleden al maar step 6 was erg interessant!

ik had de step gekozen met de geld prijzen.
1: 11.500 dollar EPT Warschau pakket
2: 1750
3: 1750
4: 1000
5: 1000
6: 575
7: 575
8,9 en 10 NIKS !!

ik ging erin met de gedachte 'als ik van...



February 14, 2008

Europe amaze again -Netherlands Official Blocks Vote - Exclusive Holland Gaming LicenseEurope amaze again -Netherlands Official Blocks Vote - Exclusive Holland Gaming License

Dutch government officials postponed a vote in country's Senate that...



February 13, 2008 13 comments


I woke up somewhere in the afternoon all happy. I had a very simple plan for sunday.. play video games in my bathrobe while eating sandwiches and not picking up my phone. Best time ever yo. I played a lot of Virtua Tennis again. It's a very...


Sick sessions ( 9 buyins verloren )

February 13, 2008 1 comments

ging dus zwaar naatjes vandaag

kk vs aq preflop ( flop xAA )
QQ vs AA postflop ( flop 486r )
444 vs qqq postflop ( flop kq4 )
j/10 vs q/10 ( x10x) ( steaming littly )
A/4D vs 10/10/10 and a/10 ( x10x - 2 diamonds ) postflop
57s vs qq flop (...



February 13, 2008 1 comments

Rajottem egy erdekes dologra, amire mar eleg sokan rajohettek, de rossz belegondolni. szoval, ha pl. 2 ember heads upot jatszana 200, 400-as vakoknal, akkor egy ido utan elvinne a penzuk a rake, hiaba ultek be 20000 dollarral. Ez persze csak akkor...



February 13, 2008

Sweden's Tax Spider Nets Poker PlayersSweden's Tax Spider Nets Poker Players

Sweden's tax board Skatteverket , has identified 47 cases of suspected tax evasion, representing €44.5 million in undeclared income, with €5 million purportedly attributed...


NPL dinsdag 12 februari

February 12, 2008

Straight flush beats a flush and a full house !

Seat 1: vinodanino (5195 in chips)
Seat 2: DutchStuff83 (1415 in chips)
Seat 3: nice&lucky (960 in chips)
Seat 4: ThaChin88 (1020 in chips)
Seat 5: rudicus (4310 in chips)
Seat 6: rene-gouda...


Sicke Thread

February 11, 2008



PKR beszamolo

February 10, 2008 2 comments

Nah beszamolok eddigi amokfutasaimrol PKR-en. A befizetett 50 dollarbol most megvan 42, de csak most kezdek raerezni a jatekra! Az elso nap kiprobaltam a CG-t. Rengeteg a fish, NL10-en osszehoznak egy 5 dollaros pot atlagot!!! Na mindegy, de elso...


Im lazy, 3 40 hour sessions.. guitars and movies

February 10, 2008 16 comments

Whhoooops.. I keep saying I'm gonna update it regularly, but I'm lazy. Everytime I think 'oh I'm gonna update my blog.... tomorrow'. Anyways today is tomorrow so here's an update Big Grin.

I came back from EPT Dortmund, where I got knocked out by a...


Appelscha 15+5

February 10, 2008

Afgelopen zaterdag ( 9 Februari) ging ik samen met MasterD naar Appelscha voor een toernooitje. We waren hier al een keer eerder geweest toen was ik 5de geeindigd, en de structuur is gewoon heerlijk. Dit maal was dit naar mijn mening iets anders na...



February 10, 2008

J'ai esssayé hier, pour la 1ère fois un MTT en Heads-up sur PS. pour une 1ère, j'ai évidemment choisit un petit buy-in (2$). Ca a carrément été une agréable surprise. J'aime me retrouver en tête à tête sur une TF mais je ne pensais pas "dominer" à...


Et cette tentative de qualif à un EPT sur PS?

February 10, 2008

Un petit point sur cette tentative de qualif via les SnG en Step by Step sur Poker Stars.
Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, il faut finir dans les 2 premières places, à chaque Step, pour pouvoir passer au Step suivant. Toutefois, une 3ème, 4ème voire...

Crown Casino Poker

February 09, 2008

Played in the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Event 1 $180 NL Hold 'em yesterday (Sat 9 Feb 2008 ). Lost half my stack in the first couple of levels by playing too many pots and taking them too far. Built it back up again to be close to what I started...


royal flush

February 09, 2008

weliswaar niet van mij, maar toch. mooie hand ook verder:

Seat 1: kirioke ($21.80 in chips)
Seat 2: nice&lucky ($26.30 in chips)
Seat 3: ViCiouSRaGe ($13 in chips)
Seat 4: Sportatlant ($27.10 in chips)
Seat 5: iznak ($26.40 in chips)


Sick river - 3way all in pot ( 5% om nog te winnen )

February 09, 2008

> folletto posted small blind (€0.05)
> Bianchi1885 posted big blind (€0.10)
> ARIETES posted to play (€0.10)
> Game # 1,861,469,534 starting.
> Dealing Hole Cards({8-Hearts} {4-Hearts} )
> gaudini81 folded
> steveking65 folded
> ARIETES checked


so sick 87 vs 13% and losing by river ( gread read middle MTT 24$ for big stack chips )

February 09, 2008

zit daar met 8k voor deze hand ( p.s. ik zie nu pas dat het de zelfde speler is als 1 1/2 uur geleden zie hier onder )

Geweldige read en play en heb hem zo ver dat die op de turn all in gaat ( dikke bluf ) ik call hem down en zie tevreden dat me...


8/10 diamonds vs QQ op een x10x board with 2 diamonds wat te doen?

February 09, 2008 3 comments

24$ MTT 400 man

wat zouden jullie doen, ik heb 5k, gemiddeld = 2,3k.
vrij tight image en de handen die ik speel heb ik allemaal nog gewonnen.

UTG minraise ik met 9/10s naar 100 ik wordt effe verder wordt geraised naar 300 en we komen bij mij...

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