Vegas is Awesome!

July 13, 2012

July 2012 Blog update

,,,, Well friends, here I am once again with another new blog here at Gmans House of Poker,,, Big NEWS.... There is another Micro Million series offered by PokerStars.I will be playing games in this series along with many of my poker friends, you can check us out in the Chip Me website. When you register be sure and use my name,,, gmanwicksy as your referral. (wink wink)

Just got back from Las Vegas,,, watched some poker,,went to the Rio and was there for the One drop big drop day,, bought lots of stuff,,,saw more poker tables than I could count. Lots of tournies going on at the same time and was pretty awesome to see and also pretty cool to hear the loud rythmn of thousands of poker chips clicking away.....

Over ate,,,over drank,,, double screw drivers for brkfeast,,,weeeeeeeeeeeee..... ... hit only once on keno a 4 spot for 200 bucks on 1 buck ticket,,,did awesome at the new Star Trek machines,,,they are cool.... like a video game and slots all in one! Very Happy went to see,,,BGees,,,and Chris Angel,,, and went to over a dozen casinos,,, Found the Willy Wonka candy store in the Venetian,,,mmmmm,,,,, I felt like a little kid in there,,,what a candy store,,,every kind of salty sweet treat and m and m you could think of,,,giant rice crispy squares,,,giant gob stoppers the size of softballs was in there,,,whew,,,, Venetian poker room is huge,, one of the nicest,,, however I liked them all...especially the ones you win at,,,

Stopped into the old Binnions and Golden Nugget as well as touring Freemont street for a day.... Table games crushed me though,,doh,,, thank you for playing sir,,,all I heard at the triple card poker, caribean stud and all the other tables,,, only one I made even on was the night I played Pai Gow Fortune,,, but if you have played Pai gow you know it can be a pretty safe game to play to last long at and get totally drunk,,, errrr refreshed I mean, when you get good drink service which I did ,,,, thank-you ladies at Harrahs for keeping gmans beer and rum flowing freely! Any how they let me back in to Canada, and I went deep last night in a 3 dollar rebuy,,,got to under 20 I think cant rem,, was late,,, and ready to start Micro Millions 11 today...... see you guys in the Micro Mills,,,lets Take some DOWN!!!!!!!!!

WBCOOP is over for another year...

March 04, 2012

Well the WBCOOP is finished for another year, congrats to all those who gained a ticket(s). I lost early mid to a set over set beat to end my finals, but alas, I still have 4 free tickets earned! So all is not lost! Good luck next year and congratulations in advance to the winners of the blogger and twitter prizes. Up next is the HUGE Micro Millions,,,,,I can't wait ,, talk to you all soon, and may the flop be with you!

WBCOOP Horse Ticket!!!!

March 03, 2012

Received another ticket today in the WBCOOP!,,, in horse of course! lol... I know bad rhyme , was up and down like a yo yo on a poker gods string, but still managed to hold on for another ticket! ...See you all in the finals tomorrow!!!

Omaha is my best game,,

February 29, 2012

Fellow bloggers, Omaha is my best game, but I have not won a ticket yet in Omaha!,,,, I know! Sheesh,,,, I did win one in omaha hi low,, and one in stud hi low,,,and another in 5 Card Draw though!,,,,, You never know I guess, Good luck fellow bloggers and I will see all you winners in the Final!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you 2 shy to blog,,,, why not? Put something together and update it and you could be in these FREE tournies tooooo!!!!!!! Free tics,,,,Free cash opportunity,,,,,, Free prizes for bloggers,,,,,, Wooo hoooooooo! Gettin potentially paid for being social like I like to do already anyway!!!!!

Turbos,,,,Ugggggg,,,,and Ahhhhhhhhhh

February 29, 2012

First, turbos are great if you don't have alot of time on your hands, but 2nd,,, they are not good if you do!,,,, People tend to take greater risk in these and flips are more common,,,so my mistake ,,, playing 2 turbos in the Blogger WBCOOP lately when I should not have as I do have the time to play the others. Bad choice, I was doing good and winning tickets , 3 so far, but lost 2 opportunities by going in turbos, which I am not a strong player in. Live and learn, next year I will not make the same mistake!

Tic Toc

February 28, 2012

PokerStars Tournament #514054602, Triple Stud

3 for 5,, see you all in the main event!

177 players
$1481.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $1481.00 USD
Tournament started 2012/02/28 10:00:00 ET

Dear gmanwicksy,

You finished the tournament in 49th place.

You have won an admission ticket to 'SCOOP - $11 Entry'.

2nd Ticket, for Gmans House of Poker!!!

February 27, 2012

PokerStars Tournament #514054600, Pot Limit 5 Card Draw
233 players
$1473.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $1473.00 USD
Tournament started 2012/02/27 14:00:00 ET

Dear gmanwicksy,

You finished the tournament in 86th place.

You have won an admission ticket to 'SCOOP - $5.50 Entry'.

1st Ticket,, for Gmans House of Poker

February 27, 2012

PokerStars Tournament #514054595, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
250 players
$1473.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $1473.00 USD
Tournament started 2012/02/25 18:00:00 ET

Dear gmanwicksy,

You finished the tournament in 17th place.

You have won an admission ticket to 'SCOOP - $22 Entry'.

February 27, 2012 2 comments Blog submission at,,, come follow me for more!!

Feb/Mar 2012 Blog update

,,,, Well friends, here I am again with my third blog entry now since the beginning of Gmans House of Poker,,, 3 months in the making,,,Still having poker withdrawls, because I've been working hard at adding more content to this site and getting it set up, working away constantly to add content and make it better. Popped in to see my friends in the Drunk Tank run by a Poker friend of mine Effsea recently, (some of you will know him and I from our posts on the Poker School Website forum.) I managed to sqeek out a third place finish, among some pretty good bunch of poker peeps who tend to not only have fun, but take their game quite serious as well.

I'm also in the process of trying to get my game back on track, while I'm shaking off the concussion I received a bit ago. I just came across the WBCOOP submission for this year while browsing the internet. I played in it last year and I am hoping for a good run at it as I enter it this year as well! The question they ask is "what you would do with $5,000 if you won the WBCOOP Best Blogger prize?",,,Well my answer is since I have unfortunately recently lost my employment at Electromotive Canada, where I was locked out and then told the plant was closing and moving to the United States, ,,,,,,,come read the rest at look forward to seeing you there!