WBCOOP is over for another year...

March 04, 2012

Well the WBCOOP is finished for another year, congrats to all those who gained a ticket(s). I lost early mid to a set over set beat to end my finals, but alas, I still have 4 free tickets earned! So all is not lost! Good luck next year and congratulations in advance to the winners of the blogger and twitter prizes. Up next is the HUGE Micro Millions,,,,,I can't wait ,, talk to you all soon, and may the flop be with you!

WBCOOP Horse Ticket!!!!

March 03, 2012

Received another ticket today in the WBCOOP!,,, in horse of course! lol... I know bad rhyme , was up and down like a yo yo on a poker gods string, but still managed to hold on for another ticket! ...See you all in the finals tomorrow!!!