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Sushi Samba!

March 29, 2011

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I love love eating food! You might not think that given my weight but I really do! It’s one of the things, I really look forward to when I leave home. When I went to shoot the PokerStars Big Game about a month ago, for dinner we went to ‘Sushi Samba’ in Las Vegas. I never knew about this place until Randy Dorfman (yes cool name like me!) told me that it was a must go while I was down in Australia for the Aussie Millions. He pretty much said hands down this is the place to go …you must go! Dorfman and I kept on running into each other during the Aussie Millions and was always very friendly! So meanwhile, I was in Vegas, why not try it out!

So Sushi Samba is a fusion type tapas style food using Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian style. I love tapas style food since you get a bunch of little dishes in which you get to try a huge variety of foods! I must say that some of the dishes were quite interesting to say the least. We had the waitress choose a bunch of stuff for us since the menu was a bit overwhelming so we were definitely in for a surprise!

Mini Yellowtail Tacos! These were soooo delicious!

Tuna Tataki! I love seared tuna…and no that’s not a rock under it!

Berkshire Pork Gyoza! They have kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin) puree under it…like HALLOWEEN!

Salmon Sashimi Samba Style!

This plate had a few different things. On the top left was some sort of steak…wasn’t that impressive. And those yellow looking popcorn things are Peruvian Corn. They are soft on the outside but kind of hard in the core and can be a bit annoying to eat. The top right is Miso Sea Bass skewers which was outrageously delicious but not enough of it to eat! And the big thing on the right was Alaskan King Crab Leg which was very meaty!

For a place named sushi samba, I was a bit disappointed by the sushi she chose for us. On the top was a vegetarian roll which consisted of rice, CHEESE (WHAT!?!), sauce and fried stuff. This wasn’t so impressive. The other sushi below which was pretty decent. It was rice, avocado, bell pepper and I want to say eel inside but it could have been shrimp.

Now this dessert was a SURPRISE! It was a lot of fruit in it which is really nice because I love berries in this fashion. It was accompanied by yuzu (lemon) sorbet but on top of that was ‘POP ROCKS’! I don’t know if you’ve ever had pop rocks but basically it touches your tongue and it feels like your mouth is having a firework show within. Don’t know if I loved the ‘POP ROCKS’ but I love the creativity.

Overall, would I go back? Yep, I was actually reasonably content eating here and now that I’m familiar with the menu, I would be able to pick and choose my items to my palette!

Amazing camera strap finding!

March 18, 2011

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Check out this amazing camera strap finding I've found for my compact camera that I take everywhere with me for my blogging!

The top white strap is the new strap! That I took from my Wii Remote!!!
The bottom black strap is the old strap which is what came with the camera.

As you can see the black strap is very loose! I have to hang on to it very tight otherwise I risk dropping it! That could be very bad if I'm planning on going on more roller coasters!!! THUMBS DOWN !!!

Now, with the new finding, I've switched out the cord for the Wii wrist strap. This one can tighten and lock onto my wrist. Look how tight it's on now!!! THUMBS UP !!!

I'm going to Los Angeles this weekend with my friends so that will be super fun. I'll be taking this camera with me and maybe take some shots while riding some rides at Universal Studios! Until then stay tuned!!!

The Big Event 2011: Hachem VS. Lew

March 10, 2011

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A little blip of 2-sided views between Hachem and I! He's at the final table of the Big Event! Best of luck!

Out in ~96th…live stream cash game now!

March 07, 2011

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So I just busted out of the Big Event at the Bike at around 96th place. 56 players paid out out of the 417 total entries. I was card dead for the majority of the day and eventually picked up 88 to shove over a raise from fellow team online member Jorj95 who held JJ. Unfortunate but still think I played pretty well given my circumstances.

So instead of going back to my room…I’ll actually be playing a live cash game here at the Bike called ‘Live at the Bike’! It’ll be streamed for about 3 hours starting in 1 hour from now which is 7:30 PST. You can see all of the hole cards and everything!!! Definitely check it out…I think it’ll be a lot of fun to watch.

Wish us luck!

You can find that stream over at: Live at the Bike

Sunday Million Anniversary! Day 2! Live at the Bike! PokerRoad Radio!

March 06, 2011

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So I made it to day 2 of the Big Event at the Bike! I'm sitting on 41,600 chips and the blinds will be going up to 500/1000/100ante so I'll have 41 big blinds which is very sizable despite being below average. I'll be resuming back on Monday but in the meantime, I'm going to continue playing poker today! Today is the Sunday Million $5,000,000 guarantee in which 1st place is guaranteed $1,000,000+ and a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4! I think that would be a real nice upgrade to my current ride hahaha.

Also on Monday, if for some unfortunate reason I get busted out of the tournament, I'll be playing a special invitational live cash game with Supernova Elites! That will be on Monday night and it's a LIVE STREAM with hole cards and everything. I'm looking forward to playing that but also hoping to stay in the Main Event as well.

You can find that stream over at: Live at the Bike

Lastly, at the end of Day 1a, I did a PokerRoad Radio episode w/ Joe Stapleton! He's a very chill guy who does the commentary for the Pokerstars Big Game. I talk about a hand I played in this tournament and lots of other stuff! So check it out!

PokerRoad Radio

Big Event at the Bike! and Podcasts!

March 05, 2011

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I'm here in Los Angeles right now. Tomorrow (more like today but Saturday) I'll be playing the main event over at the Big Event at the Bike! I'm pretty pumped for it so hopefully that turns out well! I'll try and twitter update and stuff like that. Here's a picture of the room I'm staying at.

Also, recently I've done 2 podcasts!

One of them is with PokerNews! They talk about a lot of strategy oriented things, etc.
You can find that hear at this link:

PokerNews Podcast: D.A.N.C.E. feat. Randy Lew

The other one is with ESPN's poker podcast - The Poker Edge! They talk about a lot of great stuff too so definitely check these podcasts out!

Poker Edge Podcast - Randy "Nanonoko" Lew

I've been getting a lot of great feedback about the "I AM NANONOKO" short film and I'm always loving to hear feedback! I'm answering questions over at 2+2 but will be getting side tracked real soon when I start playing the Main Event !

Wish US luck!


March 03, 2011

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I'm super excited to present this video! I want to give a special thanks to PokerStars and Ryan Firpo for creating this masterpiece! Check it out!!!

In the meantime, I'll be answering a bunch of questions related to the video and stuff over in this thread on twoplustwo:2+2 nanonoko short film thread

PCA Interview w/ Kristy Arnett

February 28, 2011

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Here's a short interview I did w/ Kristy Arnett during the PCA! Take a few minutes to watch it!

Pre-Big Game Preparation!

February 27, 2011 1 comments

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So upon my arrival to Vegas, I decided to shop for some new attire, eat some good food and watch a show! In general, just having a clear mindset going into the Big Game was my plan and overall having a good time. Now that I reflect on that thought a bit, it’s definitely something I recommend for poker! Whether it’s being antsy for a big tournament or coming off of a downswing, anything that relaxes you is always a great thing. For me, I ended up watching a show that I knew I would love! It’s “Le Reve” over at the Wynn and I’ve seen it before a few years ago and I watched it again. Definitely just as good as I remembered!

Room @ the South Point!

February 26, 2011

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Hey everyone!

Got back from Vegas about 4-5 days ago and been getting situated back at home! Definitely going to ramp up the blogging again so look forward to that. Here’s a quick video tour of the room I got over at the South Point Casino during my stay there while I was playing the Pokerstars Big Game! Can’t spoil the results but I’ll be sure to let you know when it airs!

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