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Finally some upswing for me too

November 17, 2007 1 comments

Tags: noiq, carlos, I rule

I've been winning again! Hooray. The hole which I've digged lately is now filled up and I can start from the scratch. Nice. My next project is build roll for NL50 and I try to do it pretty fast. If I just can play normal play, not make any stupid calls/bluffs, I should be on that level pretty fast.

I've been also thinking of changing poker room again. I got new rakeback offer for carlos poker (iPoker) which is 35% from very good finnish affiliate called I can really recommend their services as it is the best affiliate I've had. My current noiq offer is just 30% from and I havent been very happy with their services, they are very slow and they haven't had any information how RB is calculated and paid. Also noiq has been quite rude and I feel that they are not so interested of taking care of their customers. Their VIP system is also too complicated and they've been giving impression that their winnings are tax free for EU as they are located in malta but actually their license is in Kahnawake. Or that is what I heard. But it is easy to believe as they don't mention where their license is in their website.

Carlos Poker maybe has best customer care I've seen. I think it is even better than PokerStars has as it is so fast. You send mail there and they will respond immediately. So as Pokerisivut and Carlos poker both are so good and they now offer 35% rb, it is pretty hard to say no. But Carlos poker has also something to improve, their graphics really suck but that is minor thing.


Stmm December 18, 2007 Quote

I read your last post, and I'm interested about rakeback on Carlos Poker. I was to your affiliate site, but I don't understand the languageSad You can tell me much information or your affiliate e-mail? Thank you and good luck at the tables!

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