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October 06, 2007

Tags: variance

WOOOW. 5 BI up today at NL20. Finally I managed to turn that awful downswing back to the correct direction.

What I did:

- I relaxed
- I played less maniac style
- Played small pots with marginal hands and big pots only with quality hands.
- Not so much bluffing.
- I actually folded some hands eventhough somebody raised me all-in.

LOL. So simple. And logical. I don't know what makes me play just like opposite of that sometimes. Do I have FPS (Fancy play syndrome) or do I just get bored too often. Or do I've some problems with winning and I consciously want to lose? Should I get a shrink? Maybe focus more on winning, try to set some goals or something?

Well nice to win sometimes.


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