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The Race To 10k . . . Is Over

April 18, 2009 1 comments

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The Race To 10k between Heath ‘TassieDevil’ Chick and myself is officially over!

It took a little over three months but Heath prevailed with the final results as follows:
thkcduckworth - $6,652.85 (1 final table bonus)
TassieDevil - $10,021.45 (10 final table bonuses)

The net result was Heath winning $250 for winning the race, plus $100 for most live winnings and $225 for final table bonuses for a total win-fall of $575. All-in-all congratulations mate, and for your great efforts I thought I’d present you with a trophy . . .

Congratulations Heath ‘TassieDevil’ Chick!

* * * * * * * *

I’m definitely thinking of starting The Race To 10k II which will be open to all current employees of PokerNews and PokerNetwork, but with a few changes to the conditions (after I expressed by annoyance at some of the results Heath was logging in <100 player fields). I think including a Pocket Fives points criteria as one of the conditions will even the competition amongst players that don't play on some of the small and 'soft' independent sites and only play Full Tilt and/or PokerStars. Also some of the monetary amounts will change as their are bound to be more then two participants with also an alteration to the final table bonuses for the online sector.

Whatever the outcome, make sure to keep checking out Tilted Behaviour for any developments on the next race or any other poker news from around the country and abroad.

Grinding Away

April 18, 2009

Cobwebs are building, dust is settling and tumbleweeds are rolling round the once-heavily updated site that is Tilted Behaviour . . . but finally I have awoken from my slumber to pen something.

The past few weeks have been fairly quiet just hanging out with mates, donking off in home games, watching movies and playing soccer; however the one thing that has been consistent is the hours I’ve been logging online.

With the The Race To 10k nearly over with Heath logging some great results, I’ve still managed to find the motivation to grind tournaments online at Full Tilt – with some half-decent results to match! I may have only managed eight cashes but all of these have come in giant 700-plus fields with a recent 264th from 3882 in the $750,000 Guarantee and a 3rd from 650 in the $14,000 Guarantee.

I enjoy playing these big field tournaments because the reward is so much greater with first place netting upwards of $4,000 most times for just a buy-in of $24+2. However every time I sneak into the money I’m always low on chips and just grind to a mid-cash . . . which is starting to get really annoying! It’s a tough situation as I’m not exactly sure what to do to rectify this, but am still reviewing hand history’s of some of my deep results to see if there are any middle game leaks . . . answer: find aces many many many times!

My cash game play has also increased, often four-tabling and short-stacking 25c-50c NLH 6-max looking to make a buy-in or two. I seem to be playing fairly solid, and aren’t trying anything to tricky - occasionally running good and seeing my hands hold up (which is always a good sight). I have no need or urge to step up limits, and enjoy playing this level without too much pressure to make fortune; but instead just turn over a few quid.

Either way I feel I’m playing well when I’m in the right mood, mindset and nowhere near on tilt! It’s only a matter of time before I can capture that next big result, whether it is online or at the upcoming ANZPT Sydney or WSOP in June/July.

See you there!!!