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C-C-Crazy Pineapple and Stoney's

July 27, 2008

Tags: Fashion Show Mall, Venetian, Stoney's Rockin Country.

With all of us having the day off, I decided NOT to go sky-diving but instead head into the strip to get outside for once. However that didn't last too long as I headed into Fashion Show Mall to check out some shops. With my only purchase being of a really bad haircut I was on my way to the Venetian to play some cards while I waited to recieve a call from the others to what our intended plan was for the night.

Getting stacked for my first buy-in on $1-2 I decided to move over to the $1-2 Crazy Pineapple game. Being only 6-handed the game was really fun, and I built my stack from $200 to over $300 within the hour taking down small pot after small pot. Getting the word that the guys had arrived at Stoney's I was on my way out to this western bar.

Stoney's Rockin Country bar was way out of town where Sunday night is ladies night as they drink for only a buck. Nearly everyone was there from the house plus Don, Slippers and Zeeks. With Corona's flowing freely, we all made it on the dancefloor dancing to some good old western tunes, and following that we soon enough hit the mechanical bull.

Videos to come soon . . .