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Another Flight Dilemma

August 28, 2008

Tags: Rio Macau, Heath Chick, Kirsty Brew, Qantas.

The day started well with everything being packed and organised on time. I headed to dinner with Ibs and Joyce at Cervo where we tucked down a quick meal before heading to the airport. After checking in and proceeding through customs I went straight to the gift store and picked up something to drink as well as a Hong Kong/Macau travel guide.

As I walked towards my gate there was a new electronics store. WIth the first chance I could I jumped on the Nintendo Wii and PS3 and took over for the next 40 mins or so as I waited for Heath and Kirsty. However meeting up wit them was not going to happen tonight as they couldn't get a flight on the same plane and therefore were bumped to an 11am flight tomorrow.

Some Melbourne guys strolled through including Karib Karib, David 'LeeWah' Lee and Lily Bui. We hanged out for a little bit before they boarded their plane to Macau via KL. As I sat waiting patiently for my plane that dreaded announcement came over the speakers, "QF 95 has been delayed due to maintenance issues . . . for four hours". Damn!!

Sitting in the terminal for a further four hours was absolute hell and I spent most of the time strolling round, listening to music and doing what I could do to stay awake until I boarded the plane.

But to my disappointment that would never happen.

Our flight ended up being cancelled and moved to 4pm the following day. Once everyone was cabbed out of the terminal, I managed to find an earlier flight at 11am. I headed home to sleep for a few hours before having to head back early the following day.

Second Attempt
Awake and heading out the door of my apartment I receive a call from Heath to meet up at the Crown cab rank (obviously so he can ride free on Qantas!!) Everything worked out fine this time, and once in Hong Kong we caught a 40-minute cab ride to the ferry dock that cost us 400HK. The ferry ride was about half an hour and once in Macau we encountered our next problem.

As we rolled up to the Rio Hotel we had one issue . . . they didn't have a room for us. With Melissa, F-Train, Dave and Paul already in a room and without a number we knew it was going to be hard . . . but not this hard.

The firstly booked us in one room, then another, then another, then another, then another before finally telling us that there were no rooms left apart from a few suites. Being tired, grumpy and very annoyed after waiting two hours in the lobby; I made them put us up in a suite for the night with everything to be sorted out the following day with their manager.

Two angry hours later we had two rooms for us and what a set-up they both had; lounge room, study, king size bed, four couches, two bathrooms, two mega-plasmas and all the extras! However there was no chance to savour any of it as I was quick to bed following a hot shower.

P.S - pretty please I hope they have no room for us tomorrow so we have to stay in their suites!!