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The Eight Points of Enlightenment: ANZPT Adelaide

February 18, 2009

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So the inaugural ANZPT Adelaide event is now all wrapped up with Melbournian Karl Krautschneider taking home the $170,000 first prize after flushing out my mate Tony Dunst in second holding {7-Clubs}{8-Clubs}.

However, I’m not going to bore you with a re-cap of each day and the overall tournament, but rather provide you with something new . . . The Eight Points of Enlightenment: ANZPT Adelaide.

* * * * * * * *

Eight Points of Enlightenment
1 – Great Food Service: The SkyCity Poker Zone had the best food service of any casino I’ve been to. Wedges, Roasts, Toasted Sandwiches, Nachos – you name it and they pretty much have. Also it’s fairly cheap ranging from $5 to $12 and gets delivered fairly quickly.

2 – Chip Difficulties: On day 1b they changed the colour of the 1,000-chips due to lack of numbers, and once both days merged they changed the others. Late on day 2 they also changed out all the 5,000-chips as they looked too similar to the 10,000-chips. This way not seem like a major issue, but combined with how out-dated they are it reflects badly on the city that gave birth to Australian poker.

3 – Affordable Side Events: Looking at the proposed Sydney schedule it seems this is going to be a regular feature in the preliminary events of ANZPT’s. It can be viewed as a negative aspect of the tournament but I think it can still generate decent prizepools, and with the economic slump, it helps in keeping the numbers up at an event that could really see Australian poker boom over the next few years.

4 – Cash Games and Rake: The cash games the SkyCity Poker Zone spread weren’t too flash with a $2-3NLH game at $60 to $180 buy-in which to me (and many others) seemed stupid, especially when you factor in the higher than average rake. There was never a high-stakes game (which would easily be filled) or mixed game and I only saw the occasional limit game spread.

5 - $50 Squeeze Baccarat: Being such a baccarat degen, finding out that SkyCity had $50 squeeze baccarat awoke my inner baccarat junkie that had been resting since pre-Aussie Millions. Although I barely squeezed, knowing that you could potential squeeze and call out “DINGA” and “CHOI” for such a cheap price was definitely a PLUS in my book!

6 – Dealer Errors: My pet hate about poker is dealer errors and blunders. Being able to count chips so easy it baffles me to see dealers count player all-ins incorrectly during the tournament – it’s like they’ve never dealt with this before!
Another thing that Adelaide dealers do terribly is when a player moves all-in they just feel their stack in their hand rather than cutting it down to be sure it amounts to twenty-chips. I saw on at least six occasions of dealers feeling for twenty-chips, leaving it for some time before a player would point out that it was incorrect. In all honesty – pretty poor training standards.

7 – Main Event Structure: To implement a successful tournament, and consequently a successful poker tour you need to have a main event structure that has minimal flaws; and in the case of the ANZPT, Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has achieved this. With great level increase the best innovation is the minimum 40-big blind to average stack guarantee once the final table is reached with the clock being winded back as far as necessary.

8- The Money Isn’t Going Nowhere: With a final table stacked with pros and Australians it was great to see the majority of the prizepool remaining in the pockets of Australians. This will not only attract more players to take their seat in the tour, but may also bring about a new poker boom knowing that for $33 and three days work you can parlay that into over $170,000 and change!

* * * * * * * *

So now that you have a better understanding of Adelaide and the ANZPT, there is no need for any further questions . . . I hope.

An APL event this weekend followed by a few weeks of rest down at my parent’s house before everything kicks off again with Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series, ANZPT Sydney, Melbourne Poker Championships and then back to the Mecca of poker tournaments . . . the 2009 WSOP!

The road for this poker journalist may be on a long desert-bound track, but I’ll do my best to fill you in on some interesting and quirky happenings in the industry. Stay tuned!

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