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Victorian Poker Championships Re-Cap

August 24, 2008 3 comments

Tags: Jay Kinkade, Victorian Poker Championships, Heath Chick, Kirsty Brew, Melissa Castello, Dave Behr, David King.

As you can tell I've been a bit lazy in the blog department; so I thought I should get back on it before I head to Macau for the APT and APPT tours.

Its been nearly a week since the Vic Champs concluded with Jay 'Seabeast' Kinkade taking out the title and the 200k first prize. It was a very busy two weeks for both me and Heath as we had some new reporters on hand; which meant we were on the floor getting hands ourselves at points because things got slow. We tried to get some hustle out of them but after a while we realised the difference between me (as a reporter at the WSOP) and them . . . I'm GATES trained!!!

Victorian Poker Championships Main Event
Victorian Poker Championships Main Event

Made quite a few new friends including a bunch of guys from Sydney including Brendan Edmonds, Callum Ford, David Lovell, Ronan Barratt - had a crazy $1-1 home game one night at about 3am with Phi as well. So much action with super call's and pown-age occuring.

We worked like dogs over the two weeks, with me working everyday and Heath the same bar-one due to an appearance in the Tasmania State of Origin team. Late nights, early starts became standard after the first few days; but it all comes with the job I suppose. In terms of the workload, I do love having the extra workload on my plate (which also included the photography - excluding the ME) because I prefer things to be perfect then half-hearted and easy.

Oh well, so tomorrow I head off to Macau and Hong Kong for nearly three weeks. Me, Heath and Kirsty are on the same flight to Hong Kong tomorrow night and will be meeting up with Melissa Caaaaaastello, Dave Behr and Dave King for the double tour. After Macau I have a few days in Hong Kong to go shopping and drinking and will be joined by Melissa; as we're going to share a room. Heath and Kirsty are going to be there to, so it could be a fun few days.

Stay tuned for a daily post on Macau as we battle the humidity, hustle and bustle and degenercy that Macau will bring!