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Closing out 2009

December 24, 2009

I am in NZ and have taken some great walks in the Abel Tasman National Park (Nelson) NZ. This is an amazing experience, it’s all so fresh. I am staying at the Split Apple Retreat with Lee Nelson who is also providing me with a very healthy diet. The pictures show everything here is like pure magic.

I am in NZ and have taken some great walks in the Abel Tasman National Park (Nelson) NZ. This is an amazing experience, it’s all so fresh. I am staying at the Split Apple Retreat with Lee Nelson who is also providing me with a very healthy diet. The pictures show everything here is like pure magic.

As for my personal deal, all the final steps have been taken - so stand by for an announcement in regards to TonyGPoker.com and a little personal deal for me which will be fun. The deal will not be associated with Pokernews and will not stop me or pokernews from being totally independent in terms of content and articles that we produce as we go forward.


I have had a few conversations over the phone with him and I really love the kid. He is like me 15 years ago. I just wish I had as much talent as he does. He can play the world’s best on eight tables and he only learned PLO about eight months ago. Anyway, it is likely I will stake him in some big cash games in the future, this is what I do after all. I like to give people a chance in life to do well. That is why I got involved with ChipMeUp and I love to stake lots of people there. I am proud that I could stake 20 people this year at the WSOP main event and I hope I can stake even more of them in 2010. One thing I will be doing more of in 2010 is playing more WPT and EPT events for sure.

I want to close the chapter with Isildur1, I know who he is, no doubt. I also have to say that earlier I was guessing and I will never reveal who he is from here on out. I think it’s more exciting for everyone, leaving the mystery as a mystery.

I can see how people attacked Full Tilt Poker on 2+2 – calling for lawsuits, etc., but this is not what Isildur1 really wants. He wants to enjoy his life and move on. This is what he needs to do. He is a brilliant player and with a little bit of hard work, he will build back up to a multimillion roll. It’s clear he is a favorite of the railbirds and guys, please do support him as he is the biggest thing that has happened in poker for a long, long time. The matter of the 4Million dollar loss to Hastings is now behind us, sure it was controversial but many things are. They don’t get reversed like the winning goal Thiery Henry scored against Ireland, it might be luck that the ref did not see it happen but the result stands. We all shout but it’s important to move on and enjoy the future.

Good luck, Ilsi in 2010 and the most important part is enjoying life.

I wish everyone a massive 2010, with great holidays, and hope you all enjoy life.

Full Tilt is under fire

December 21, 2009

The world of poker is a very complex structure built around players, the online poker sites and casinos that provide the games, the limits and games played, rake, backers, and a lot more, and in the end, trying to provide the best game possible that helps everyone. The entire situation with Townsend, Hastings, and Cole involving their combined knowledge and play against Ilsuldur1 leaves a bad smell in the air for everyone, especially for Full Tilt since Townsend is one of their Red Pros.

As a player, I would like to see Townsend be more committed to giving his attention to doing what being a Red Pro demands at Full Tilt. Townsend has put his hands up as the guilty boy and received his penalty, the matter is now closed and we must move on, though most of us will remember it with a shadow on how he handled his role. He explains his actions in his blog post.

Cole South posted this:

Hi everyone,

I’d like to try to help clear up some issues on my side. There has been a lot of intelligent debate that I would be happy to answer.

1.) Full Tilt very understandably did not want us to comment during an ongoing investigation, and they have found that I did not breach the site’s rules in any way.

2.) A shared hand history database seems to be the main issue of contention. I have discussed many difficult hands from play against Isildur with Brian Hastings and Brian Townsend, posted on pokerhand.org where we can give each other feedback. I have never sent or received raw hand history data to Brian Townsend or Brian Hastings (or anyone else for that matter) — reports of a “conglomerated” database of all of our hand histories from play with him are absolutely false. My hand histories showing Isildur’s mucked cards are in only my possession, and I don’t have any hand histories from Brian Hastings or Brian Townsend’s matches, such a database is not possible.

3.) Team play is another point that has been brought up. I have never played on Brian Townsend or Brian Hastings accounts, used a program to see their screen or let them see mine, nor have I been in their presence while any of us played online poker since a Cardrunners meeting about a year ago. Never have I asked for or been asked for strategy advice during a hand. I’d like to reiterate, the one-player-to-a-hand rule was never broken here.

4.) I’m not going to get into finances, but I have never played a single hand at a table with a player who I have had a piece of. That’s the only issue I could think of that would be relevant with regard to action sharing.


I believe it’s clear that Cole South is completely innocent. He is entitled to have a share of Hastings play (but this should be made public in my opinion) if he thinks there is value, he is happy to have a stake in Hastings.

As for Hastings, he should just tell everyone his side of the story. Townsends post tells us something but it still leaves an air of doubt in my thought. What Cole South did making his statement is very positive, and for me, has cleared his name.

I’ve had a look at the 2+2 community and the posts are pretty damaging, Full Tilt has made a statement on how they are handling the situation with an explanation. Giving Townsend a one month suspension may solve any future problems with Townsend, we have to hope so. Many wonder why Townsend is still part of the Red Pro team since this isn’t his first infraction with Full Tilt Poker Rules but only Full Tilt could answer that. Full Tilt has tried to be fair and handle a bad situation since they are more like a referee in this and what has happened is going to be a learning ground for anything that might come up in the future with their team and their players. It’s a difficult situation for everyone to be in and like most things in the poker world, we wait for the next hand.

The bad part of it all is that there appears to be no answer to help Isildur1. A Red Pro getting a penalty doesn’t change the matter of his poker losses and the fact that he was at a disadvantage with all of it. I believe he can come back because he is a young kid and lots of talent. It has to be a huge learning tool for him.

Let’s all hope that with each step we take in the poker world, we leave a clean footprint and the game improves for all of us.

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Losing Big Money Can Be Tough

December 21, 2009

So right now I am busy in New Zealand working on my personal health. I have been doing a lot of hiking, fishing and just in general spending some quality time at the beach.

While spending time on the beach and enjoying the outdoors, I’ve also been putting thought into what’s going on with the big games and some of the controversy going on since Brian Hastings big win of $4 million over “Isildur1,” I have heard some rumblings about a potential controversy and I have to comment on it. From what I understand, Viktor Blom who I am sure is “Isildur1″ is about to process a formal complaint to Full Tilt Poker about his session with Brian Hastings. Blom believes that Brian Townsend and Cole South provided Hastings all of their personal hand histories from sessions against Isildur1. Don’t get me wrong, I think Brian Hastings is obviously a very talented player, and so are Townsend and South. Cole South personally crushed me in the 3rd round of the 25K buy-in PLO heads-up tournament recently, and the way I rate players I would put South and Townsend right at the top, I wish I could have that kind of poker talent.

I was however shocked when Brian Hastings sat down at those tables. It felt like a trap, this is not a regular player at that level of play. Regarding the allegations coming from Isildur1, I would probably say Hastings did probably talk at length with both Cole South and Brian Townsend, and sure it is possible they shared hand histories. I’m sure these things happen all the time, especially when the stakes are as big as they are. I think it is a little bit strange that Hastings did not declare when asked who his backers were, and I think it would go a long way to clearing the air if Hastings made it clear who his backers were and made a firm declaration that he did not use hand histories from either Townsend or South. I really do love the way he plays the game at such a high level, and there is nothing negative from me, I’d just like to know the facts.

Anyway I urge Brian to sit down for another interview with PokerNews to discuss this all and clear the air. Being a Full Tilt Red pro carries some serious weight, and it’s probably natural there is more scrutiny on them than most players. I for one just want the games to be heathy and fair, which I am sure once the details are out we will see that they were in fact just that, healthy and fair. I also urge Isildur1 to sit down with PokerNews for an interview. There are tons of curious people out there that want to hear from you, email our editor at editor@pokernews.com and we will set it all up.

What an exciting world we live in right now. Even I have become an online poker railbird, as I can not even compete with these guys right now. But, that won’t stop me from taking a crack every now and then.

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The Lithuanian Dream

December 13, 2009 1 comments

Today’s blog is going to be a little interesting perhaps for some.

I want to share some of my past with you. I think I remember my childhood from about the age where my grandmother died. I was about 3 three years old and it was an interesting day for a small kid as she was close to me. I remember her coffin being carried by 4 men down from our fourth story apartment in Kaunas, Lithuania. I was in the Soviet Union and living in a very interesting family, I think you could say our family were speculators.

My dad would buy fur and then process it and sell it. He was a Kolukio Pirmininkas (leader of a state run farm). We were well off and it was fun to be a kid my age, I can’t complain too much. The only thing is, this was the Soviet Union and on the first day of school, when asked what I wanted to be, I said, “You know what? I want to be a priest.” Now what I did was a big no, no. It was not something for a kid to say that had parents who were well do to and within the working system. Maybe that triggers it all off but I will go into more detail later.

Anyway I had a bit of a winge today. Well I am sitting on a balcony, overlooking a great ocean and the view is amazing. I went kayaking today and did about 5 miles of walking in a jungle, it was incredible fun. I then had a great dinner that I call value food made with love and it was really nutritious - amazing value I would call it. Later I will share this location with you.

Anyway I was thinking about what went down just last week and this went down in Vilnius Lithuania. As most people know, I am a pretty crazy guy. I give everyone a chance in life. I love new opportunities. I love to stake people in poker games tourneys and in business ventures. Although most of it turns to shit, it’s life and I love and live for it. I am out there - I make fun of people, I get made fun of, I attack them when we play, but I love them all, even if things turn to shit.

Anyway my thought is about Simonas Pocius (lol the name is no big deal but it’s Lithuanian).

This is one of the young kids that is up and coming in Lithuania. I bought my office from him in Vilnius and I was thinking then, “This is an OK guy.” I am sure he wants to be a minister one day and be patriotic for his country.

Anyway, it’s all cool. A bit later, a few years after I bought the office from him and his dad, he comes to me and introduces his good friend Andrius Profis (not his real full name). Anyway this guy is into sports betting and has a sea of specialists that work out prices. Being the crazy cat that I am, I eat it up and since Pocius made the recommendation, I give this guy the capital to bet with and win more. Obviously I am greedy to make money but I also always feel that it’s going to be a system of balances; the money does not really belong to me. All I have to do is find the best way to use it once I have it. So Pocius made the connection and being a guy that wants to govern, you would think he would have at least some responsibility for his actions. I am not saying he has to give me the money back if I get ripped off or defrauded or taken advantage of but you’ve got to say, “Tony I am sorry I let you down. I feel responsible, let’s sit down and talk this out.”

You know what this guy said, “I am not responsible in any way.”

I just hope that this is not what Lithuanian Parliament Candidates have preset in their heads.

Growing up in Australia I know how different the thinking is and I hope from the bottom of my heart that in time, us Lithuanian patriots also feel the same way and take responsibility. Anyway this might have been a con all the way. If so kudos to those two guys. They got me for $200,000 and I hope they live in peace. This is not the last 200k I am going to lose. It hurts but I have forgiven them and moved on. It’s sad but it’s life and I am still going to give others a chance whether they are gay, black, Arab, Chinese or whatever. I think I love them all even if they want to fuck me over every now and again.

I’ve got to talk about one little patriotic thing I feel proud of, The Lithuanian National Basketball Team. They got the wild card to play in the World Championship in Turkey and I will be joining them. I love basketball and personally know many of the greats from all eras. Several have been to Australia to visit me and I hope I am strong enough to help basketball in my country of birth although I am a spirit of the whole world.

I feel this time I made an impact when I arranged for one of the sponsors to cover a small part of the 500k euro Lithuania had to pay to get the invite. Did I take a risk doing it? For sure! Will it work out? Who knows? Time will tell though. But I know the country does not have much going for it and I know that as a kid basketball for me was one thing we could do to show everyone who Lithuanians were - we are warriors and we fight to the end even though there are just 3 million of us.

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Being Tony G- An Interview

December 10, 2009 1 comments

Tony in an interview with Rikard from Pokertube. Tony is in LA on business and relaxing and learning new things. Tony says he is in very positive development and working on his site Health News and he’s getting into health and learning about the body, including relaxation.

Rikard asks about the poker business and Tony moving into other areas of business as well. Tony says he is looking into many other things and he is into whatever works.

The conversation turns to Tony’s actions on YouTube when he was ‘going mad he was ‘going mad with Ralph Perry and Surinder Sunar. Rikard asks if they were just acts and if so are they behind us. Tony says he’s not regetting it, it’s him, it’s the way he was, he’s not ashamed of it. He says it was his reaction at the time and he’s proud that some passion and entertainment came through in poker. He says that was him and it’s still him today. Tony believes that his passion and the ability to express himself may have helped him move into creating his style as Tony G and his inner drive has moved him on, opening up doors, including building websites which he really enjoys.

Rikard brings the point that at the time that Tony was dancing on Ralph Perry and ‘Bring on More Russians,’ that some people may have thought Tony had something against Russians. Tony says he has nothing against Russians, he feels he’s an entertainer, he explains where he was born and his association with Russia and says it was fun to get something back on the Russians for occupying Lithunia. Tony says his best friend is Kirill Jerasimov who is a Russian and if Ralph Perry had been from Sweden, he probably would have said Swedes.

Rikard asks if Tony is still playing as much poker or if he’s more into the business now. Tony says he doesn’t play much but he has $150,000 profit on Full Tilt right now. He says he will always play but he has other things to do that are important.

They talk about Tony’s session on Full Tilt where he picked up a $100,000+ pot and he was happy with it. Tony says it’s a hobby for him and that he doesn’t plan on spending as much time playing as Patrik Antonius and some of them do.

Isildur1 comes up in the conversation and Tony says he still believes Isildur1 is Viktor Blom, although he says he could be wrong. People ask Tony why he brings Isilidur1 out of the closet and Tony says it’s obvious, Tony’s in the media business. Tony would like to see Isildur1 clean up. Backgammon comes into the conversation as a means to create the money to play those limits as Tony explains it, he says it is only his theory.

Tony talks about Gus Hansen - Tony is openly appreciate of Gus’ lifestyle where he has his pick of women, his healthy look, and playing as a Full Tilt Poker. Tony is asked about his relationship with Gus and if it has changed. Tony says he would rather not talk about it, he says that it’s OK if people talk him (Tony), but leaves it at that.

ChipMeUp comes into the conversation, Tony says PokerNews is totally supporting ChipMeUp and it’s good for poker; it’s an experiment but it seems to be going well. It’s mainly to help players that don’t have a bankroll, they can sell a piece of themselves in a tournament, he explains that he has people he backs automatically and that’s part of poker.

Tony’s future plans, he will be going to Australia soon to play the Aussie Millions and basically spend time with family. He is into health and has three rules that he’s going to stick to - relaxation, exercise, and nutrition. Tony says he is happy with life, excited because he has a lot more new developments he will get into and he’ll have more strength to get into poker. He talks about his team that drive the company and how he relies on them. NeverWin Poker comes up and Tony talks a bit about how the site wasn’t what Tony wanted to be part of the PokerNews Team. It’s a friendly divorce.

Tony plans to be back in LA after Australia and then back to Europe. He says he will be playing a lot of poker next year.

LA Woman

December 05, 2009 1 comments

“Well I just got into town about an hour ago, took a look around to see which way the wind blows.” The Doors were always my favorite band. That’s pretty sick since they weren’t even in my lifetime, the music is so creative. Music has such a strong association with our lives and a song can take you right back to a time or moment passed and I think I can be like Morrison, without the drugs, my drug is getting high on working on and accomplishing goals I set for myself.

I am in LA for awhile to take a look around and there are business meetings that will take up some of my time. After the meetings I plan on popping down to have a look at the poker action and I might jump into some of the games if the action looks right. Then Australia is waiting and I will be on my way there soon. I do miss my family and want to get back as soon as I can.

Most of my day is spent writing emails, chatting on Skype, and for a fix I jump into an online poker site to see what limit-who’s playing and if I like the game. I’ve been on a nice run and I want to end 2009 in front so I have pulled the plug on any playing from here, except the Sunday Bike Ride on TonyG Poker so if you want to play with me, that is the only place you can catch me, bike me, and pick up a $300 bounty if you can send me out looking for a ride home. But I plan on winning the event this Sunday so don’t start making your holiday plans around the TonyG knockout bounty.

My deal for a deal with the online poker sites has slowed down but it might be that I don’t want to sign without the deal being right. I am happy to have no deal as well, that way I am free to be able to play and represent poker as I want to. But if I do sign with somebody, as an ambassador of that site, I want it to work for all sides and I want to be a great asset to the site. And, if I do sign, it will not change PokerNews. PokerNews will remain an independent poker news site.

I am going to keep working on getting more fit and healthier so that I have more energy and I’m searching for a good, big live cash game. There is a spot I found in London thatlooks really good but it’s a NL game that is a bit slow and boring to me but it’s in my plans for next year. A Swedish newspaper wrote about me this week on how I tilted Isildur1 and then took money off of him. Well, I played 20 hands with him that day and was a 9% shot to win the hand but what can I do if I am lucky? That pot was over 100K and I’m very happy that I was the one stacking the chips at the end.

As for Sweden, I might team up with www.pokertube.com and do a live video show once a week. It’s Rikard’s idea so we will explore it and if not, I may do it via my blog. It might be a lot of fun, let’s see.

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Playing Full Tilt Poker 300-600 PLO

December 02, 2009

I have been having a go with the big boys on Full Tilt Poker. I am about 150k up which is not bad. LOL, I know. I know it’s just luck. I am never going to claim that I am a pro player, but I can play with the best of them and I play well enough to cover the rent every month. I love poker and can mix it up with the best even if it’s just for a few hands. I treat poker as a hobby. It’s not something I want to run my life. I want poker to be a hobby and I don’t want to become a poker hobbit and just try to get lucky and crave for it and then try not to play too much.

I want to play because I enjoy the game. I do feel I have a lot of big results in me and hope to win something big again soon, maybe the Aussie Millions, which is a huge tournament in Melbourne Australia every year with a big buy in and it’s coming soon, or the 100K High Roller Event there. Thanks to Full Tilt for having so much action. Life can be fun when you win a little money or lose, as long as you can afford it.

Thinking about the big limits a bit more on Full Tilt Poker, maybe they should just keep 300-600 PLO as the biggest game and you should only play if you are known or have made a big deposit; those are just ideas that come to me, I don’t want the game too high as it’s running away from what I can afford to play and that is not what I want in the long run. I still want to play and like high limit but I’m not interested in losing a house or three every time I play. The speed junkies probably don’t mind, but I do, I look for value with my poker investment.

Following up on news I briefly mentioned before, I still have my deal, there’s only one deal now that I will do and with all the legal stuff it’s so hard. I hate it so much, just worrying about lawyers all the time. They always try to take advantage of poor people like me who come off the streets when they say, “It’s all fine mate and it needs a light touch,” that rings more alarm bells than anything.

The Premier League of Poker is coming up in Las Vegas on the 10th of February and I have been invited so I am excited to be playing that event. It’s my favorite poker event in the world, so much fun, and you get to play for several days, even if you bust, but I don’t plan on busting, ever, and that is what makes me dangerous in a poker game because I know if I have a chip or two, I’m a contender.

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My opinion of what’s going on and Isildur1

November 26, 2009 3 comments

I don’t want to talk too much about Isildur1 but I can reveal to all it is Viktor and he crushed them on the iPoker network for some time. I actually played a few hands with him today and quite many on iPoker where my site TonyG Poker runs. I honestly respect this guy 100%. He has proved that he is the best player in the game right now; this is based on many, many hands on iPoker and Full Tilt Poker.

I have one tip for him – you are still young, the key to make it is zero tilt. You can never get upset about losing hands. Having the ability to play as you and Tom do, or anyone else, you have to have great self control and money management.

Anyway, LOL, I just wish I was half as good as Tom or Viktor but I am not in the same class. Plus I guess I am too old now to risk a few mill with no solid edge. I jumped in the 300/600 on Full Tilt and lost about 30k or so and did not feel good about playing so I am out of those games but I wanted to try it to see how it feels and have played a few hands over the last five days but it is of no value for me right now; maybe another time.

I want to explore where Full Tilt is going now with these very huge games. I think the money is not correct right now and that these players are not showing a good example as pros…I am talking about Gus and Durrrr here, for those two world top pros to be losing 15 Million on Full Tilt in six months is not the right example to the up and coming players. I think Full Tilt needs to kill the big games, with the biggest being 100-200. In the long run, I believe the limits being played right now will hurt the game. Sure, it’s nice to have so many fans watching but if you look at the chat, they are brutal to Durr. Most of the players like to see him lose his money because they can never play like him.

The great players understand how massive Durrrr is to be able to play such huge stakes and be back every day, but I just feel that the pressure can get to anyone when you swing millions and go broke, it’s a hard road back when you lose 7.5 Million, it’s not going to be easy.

The games look too big to me right now. They need to be realigned. Poker is meant to be a fun hobby and it’s fine to play against Andy Beal who can play the corporation as they are all matured gamblers but these are young kids on the internet.

Let’s explore Full Tilt further. I think what they are doing for poker is amazing and I estimate Full Tilt pays their pros close to 50 Million per year; this is money going back to the poker community. With some of their money, it’s in rake back, etc., for the Red Pro deal; but it’s still a huge deal to get the lowest deal with Full Tilt if you have some talent and self control, you are set for life. Kudos to Full Tilt for giving so much money out to the players, it feeds the live poker industry like the WSOP in a mega way.

If we look at PokerStars who give players a better deal in principal, once you sign with Stars, you are also set – they take care of you like family; I hear this all the time. PokerStars loves poker and also gives a huge amount of money back to the poker community. I estimate that PokerStars pays their players at least 2 Million per month, this is a big help to everyone. The other thing with PokerStars is that they are so responsible with their players that their support of everyone that might have a problem is really strong and they really care about supporting and stopping players who have issues. Also, PokerStars is much more about tournaments and having fun with poker.

I think for poker, PokerStars and Full Tilt are a great example of the good that can be done by poker for the positives.

Let’s look at Party Poker. The whole industry boom was due to the money that Party invested and the innovative ideas of Lipscomb and his WPT. These two companies are responsible for the boom in the early years when poker was fun and the Party founders made billions. Others that came after them also made out OK. Party Poker is waiting on the USA right now but I feel the company has turned around from the horrid management and the direction the company was going in before. The new team is a poker team. You can see they will be a strong force with them buying the WPT. It’s kind of good for poker as there can be some balance now for players. It’s important that there are several very strong companies and solid competition in the market place. It’s fair to say I always loved Party Poker. The fact that I did so well out of the founders being so clever is an important factor here. But when you look at Party Poker, how did they make it so big? Maybe it was Mike Sexton, a poker player that the key players in the USA could associate with - and that brought the poker players to Party Poker.

I think that the management later forgot about Mike and forgot about using money to sign good poker people like Mike and others like him who could add credibility, passion, and commitment to their brand. I talk to Mike all the time and I know how loyal he always has been to Party and I think we have to keep in mind that at the end of the day, if they did not have Mike and his connection with the WPT and TV, Party may have never made it so big. So maybe at the end, we all improve the value of having poker pros behind sites and that way if we can pay, say 250 Million per year to poker players around the world, the live circuit can get 3x bigger going forward.

Now things will be very interesting with the WSOP. They are launching in the UK, and are imminently powered by 888, which I think is one of the weakest platforms out there. And they are entering the UK, the most competitive and least profitable market in the world. I’m not sure it’s such a smart move. It’s a huge gamble if the true poker sites who love poker, and the players in the game, don’t back the WSOP going forward; they may see the WSOP as a competitor and it will not be easy, but if players can go to qualify to the WSOP, then it could be even better. The guy powering the WSOP online is the ex-Party guy and everyone has a position on what he did there. But the guy has talent and is a good family man and I am sure he is determined to really do well with the WSOP. It’s all going to be exciting and I wish that the WSOP would give some of the money they rake from their events to the poker community so it can get healthier.

If anyone has any questions, please do post here. I will answer, but anything silly will be deleted.

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Busy in London

November 24, 2009 7 comments

I am in London right now going to the gym every day and trying to stay fit. My only problem is that I like pizza and good food and wine so I need to work on giving up on some of those things.

I have a little stressing going on as I have a personal deal to sign and I have two really good offers on the table and possibly a third one will come along. There is only one deal I want to sign and that is with the best company in the world that loves poker. I know that Tom Dwan signed the biggest endorsement deal in the history of the game. It’s said that he had a very late offer from the biggest poker operator in the world and that offer as I understand, was close to 2 million per year. So the price of the big players is rising.

How much is Isildur1 worth? He killed Durrrr and it’s not just a killing, it’s total devastation, it’s like signing Jordan to have him turn up and score 3 points a game.

Anyway, Tom seems to be on the bench right now but I am sure he will recover from this. I was down taking a look for his Million Dollar Challenge and I did an interview and said that Tom is a genius, the best player ever.

You can have the most talent but you always have to expect somebody better to come along and beat you. It might be just for awhile but why go and lose it all when you cannot reload? Tom is young and will bounce back from this bigger than ever. I know many people would take a share of him and Ivey will most likely back him so he will never be broke but he might be close to being cash broke right now.

Full Tilt has done amazing things with their big games. Everyone is fascinated and it’s so clear that Full Tilt is the fastest growing site right now. People love to watch the big games and this includes me as well. I might play bigger but I only want to play against players I know I am stronger than but I would love to play with these guys, say in a 1 Million buy-in tournament that ran over one week and included all the games. Let’s hope that somebody launches a tour. It can only be Full Tilt as they have all the heavy weight poker players right now.

Big kudos for Full Tilt but they should also think about these huge stakes getting out of hand. When young kids watch the games, they can get the wrong idea. PokerStars, by not going this route and by not being able to sign Tom, might be better off as the super high stakes with young kids playing cannot be too healthy if things go wrong. Ilsidur1 is only 19 and you don’t want a kid jumping off of a bridge after losing 10 Million in one day.

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In Paris

November 15, 2009

I am in Paris at the Aviation Club de France. It’s my favorite country in the world so I decided to come up here to play a bit of cash and have a look around the city.

Right now I have an offer to sign with a major poker room and it seems exciting. I might even sign this week so be sure to check back soon to find out who I will sign with. It’s a large deal that would include the sale of TonyG Poker to the new company too.

As I’ve said before, it is very exciting times in online poker with new regulation coming, there are many new opportunities so I am hoping to be able to participate in them. The key is to have your name up there and hope to make the deals that make sense. For now I am enjoying Paris but come Monday I will be back in the UK and the Isle of Man and hope to sign a deal next week.

Come play poker with Tony G at www.tonygpoker.com

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