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What a final table!

August 31, 2009

This was the best final table in the history of televised poker. LOL. You probably think I would say that since I was there but Patrik Antonius, Annette Obrestad, and Gus Hansen joined me for the finale and this is the first ever TV poker series that has lasted over 10 years.

My game was below par value and I never got going. I hate myself when I can’t start to climb up but today was just one of those days. Patrik bluffed me in a critical pot and it was hard to recover after that. He fired three bullets and kudos to him, he is a great champion. Gus was pretty much his normal self. He lost 80% of his chips early and then won every pot he played. Annette was Annette with great play and focus. What a player! She is just 21 and has an amazing future. She is the best female player in the world by a very long margin, at least based on her results so far in her young life.

My last hand was A-6 vs. Gus’s A-Q. He raised and I pushed from the small blind with 6 big blinds left. Before the flop he said, “Oh well, you got the 6.” The 6 did not come. It was bike time with no 6 popping out and I wasn’t happy to go as I wanted to play a little longer. But you can’t stop the bike, when it’s time to go you have to jump on and ride.

Bye Bye Wales! I am happy to be back in London and focus on the future. Play with me on TonyG Poker this Sunday at 8PM UK time; it’s time for the famous Sunday Bike Ride, held every week, and it’s on with a bounty. It’s a freeroll as long as you have played a few hands on TonyG.

I’m off to Prague to play the Unibet Tour Event and really look forward to it. It’s small and fun so let’s hope for a win there. See you at the Bike Ride!

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Late Night Poker

August 31, 2009

I am in Wales. I just played my heat of Full Tilt Poker’s Late Night Poker. I had a great heat and I took charge from the start. They let me take control and I did by winning the event heads-up. It got a little nasty as I got behind on chips after making one of my many bad plays but the good thing is I make slightly more good plays than bad plays and that way I make a profit playing poker.

I had a few days in Wales and I took a look at the place by going deep into the countryside where people speak Welsh. It’s a beautiful country and very well worth visiting. I like to take time out now days and have a good look around at the places I go to play poker so that I don’t see the whole world as only playing poker. Poker is a hobby to me. It’s a social thing that I enjoy and do well at but I’m really not a big time pro player. I like to call myself the ‘business man’s friend,’ somebody that wealthy people are happy to play with and enjoy their time with at the poker table. The good thing with me is that I can play big stakes and have fun. The game must be a fun game and the people have to be right. I don’t want to play poker to grind, I want to play lots of hands and see lots of rivers, and most important, make lots of bluffs—I even like getting called.

Anyway, Late Night Poker is the first ever TV show about poker. Many say it’s the show that started it all and now Full Tilt Poker has picked up the rights to it so I hope it gets big again. It all started years ago, I think 2001 or so, and I hope it gets even better when I win the title. I am in the final and have beat 7 other people.

I did the commentary which I did not enjoy very much at all. It’s very hard after you play and have to watch a heat. Luke Schwartz, who won the heat, was impressive and he has a lot of talent. He outclassed Andrew Feldman heads-up but it was heated stuff so I really did enjoy the final heads-up challenge.
I am ready to win this on Friday.

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On my way to London

August 16, 2009 2 comments

I am in Riga, Latvia, at the airport getting ready to fly to London. Macauu and the APT are not in my plans this year since the trip is very long and I have way too many things on my business schedule over the next few weeks so I won’t have time to settle in and play live poker.

I have been thinking about playing Durrr in his challenge. I asked him to give me 20% back on any amount I lose but so far he hasn’t agreed. It is only fair for me to get some kind of deal with him since he is giving Patrik Antonious a special deal. There is no reason for me to play him on par value although I still may play him without any refund since I think it would be fun. I know that to risk 500k on playing a player like him takes the fun money out of the picture and money is hard enough to come by. Once you have it, when you decide who you’re going to play for what stakes, it’s important not to risk it when there is no value. I think the key for any poker player is to pick your spots and even though I always talk about having fun when I play, I really hope I don’t end up playing anyway just for the fun of it.

The only place I will be playing in the next few weeks is at TonyG Poker and you will find me in a seat at the Sunday Bike Ride Event every Sunday 8pm UK time, otherwise I’ll be working on a lot of business projects. Come and play with me at the Bike Ride.

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Getting in Shape in LT and Playing the Sunday Bike Ride

August 08, 2009

I am spending the summer in Lithuania. The weather is absolutely fantastic and everything is green. Everything feels fresh and new and I’m very happy to be here in my home country. The people here are more positive again as it feels as if the crisis has passed. I am playing lots of basketball and really working on improving myself as much as I can. Physical improvement always lead to great mental improvement and I keep working on both, and of course I need to be in great shape for bike rides.

I am very proud of my team. They have launched the new version of TonyG Poker and the site is better than ever. You can play with me every Sunday at 20:00GMT+1 - that’s 8pm UK Time. Please look for me in the Sunday Bike Ride $1K Freeroll. It’s great value to you to nail me as you will pick up the $250 bounty. If you aren’t playing at my table, be sure to say HI! And good luck at the tables.

I’ll be back soon.

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