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PokerStars Baltic Festival Interview

October 30, 2009 1 comments

Tony is being interviewed after busting out of the PokerStars Baltic Festival. The 1st question asked of him was “What The Hell Happened?” Tony explains that he had Aces and another came on the board - they both end up agreeing ‘that’s poker.’
Tony is asked about the motivation to play a 10K buy-in when he’s been at tables with over 3 million in the pot. Tony says it’s hard but he just came to play. He says he’s not trying to think about the money or the players. He feels the standard, the quality is outstanding. He says he backs a lot of Estonian players because they are very good players.

Another question posed to Tony is about Tony helping create the poker environment in Estonia and Tony’s thoughts on it. Tony said there is regulation but the guidelines are unclear and Tony is seeking a license in Estonia to make poker available to everyone in the country.

The G is also asked why him - why Tony personally - is involved. Tony says he is a ‘Balt’ himself and he’s not only interested in poker, he does a lot of websites, he has a lot of operations in Lithuania, he believes there is a lot of talent in the Baltic and has good friends there. He says poker is a hobby to him as well and he makes a little bit of money out of it at the end of the day so it makes sense to keep investing.

They talk about poker and the business side vs. being a player. Tony stresses to the young kids coming up that they should make sure their life is in order and then play poker; take poker like a sport or hobby that you want to keep improving.

Poker in Estonia is booming and exploding; Tony is then asked if he feels any of the players in Estonia have the possibility to progress, to be as famous as Tony is and play in as big of limits as Tony plays in. Tony says it’s very possible, that there will be higher limits played, a lot of new players coming up, and hopefully it just keeps getting better for the rest.

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Leaving Lithuania for Estonia

October 30, 2009

It’s 6:47 a.m. and I’m in Vilnius, Lithuania. I’m ready to jump on my privately booked jet and will be flying to Estonia to play in a poker tournament. The tournament is the PokerStars Baltic Open. It’s not a big buy-in event and I’m mainly going there to see what’s going on with poker in the Baltic States. There are many Lithuanian stars going down like Andrius Tapinas and Marijonas Mikutavicus who is one of the most famous singers from the country of my birth, and perhaps the most exciting of all is Miss Lithuania 2008.

Also Estonia has passed a law to regulate online gaming so I am meeting the authorities and some lawyers to find out how it all works. Things seem exciting right now with lots of new opportunities as new regulations kick in. You’ve got to keep up with the game and be ahead of things to be able to earn enough to pay the rent. It should all be interesting.

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WPT Marrakech

October 18, 2009

I am playing good poker, having fun, and in the money in the WPT Marrakech event. To everyone that backed me on ChipMeUp, thank you. We are making a profit right now and winning this event would be a big profit for all of us. I feel really good and hope to win it from here.

I’ve been enjoying the warm weather, it really suits me. I love to play with French players, there is lots of really wild action and it makes poker fun.

A big thanks to Chili Poker who invited me here. I am wearing their logo in this event. It’s a great set up and Chili Poker made this event happen. The WPT is a massive brand and Party Gaming will do great out of it. Party Gaming recently bought the WPT Assets and I will make sure to play more WPT Events over time. It’s a shame this event is not on TV but there is a massive amount of media here from France. Now that poker is opening up in France, the growth will be huge.

We are on dinner break right now. Hope to be back with an update soon.

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Heading into the WPT Marrakech

October 16, 2009 1 comments

My heat with Alec in the PKR Heads-up did not work out at all and I got crushed. I did make the money and felt I played really well so I’m happy about that and how it all went.
I got on a plane to Marrakech (Morocco) and I have been enjoying the great weather and getting ready to play the WPT event here today. I really want to win a big event this year and I am going to try my best and focus on getting there. Winning a big event is something I want very much, you may watch my videos and believe that I only want to have fun when I play but my heart is set on a title.

Morocco has been very nice. Marrakech is a medieval type of old town with all kinds of winding streets and snake charmers, lots of markets and carpet salesman. I did sneak into a carpet shop and bought several carpets as there’s such great value here.

Today I have to play well and enjoy the WPT event in Africa.

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Online poker PKR Heads-Up, Heat 2

October 10, 2009

I played Sandra Naujoks in the second heat and had another easy win. I am not in the money yet. I have played no-mistake poker so far and feel really good about my play and being here. I think I am the best player left in the field now and don’t see how I will not take this down. I play Alec Torelli in my third heat in a few hours.
When I leave here on Sunday it will be to Marrakech for the WPT event. I’ve already set my shares to be sold on ChipMeUp for the Marrakech event. If you want to get into the action but can’t be there, ChipMeUp is your opportunity. It also gives someone that has limited funds an opportunity to play by selling part of their action. Stop in and look around, there are some strong horses selling shares there.

The flight to Marrakech will be a lot smoother if I take the PKR Heads-up win with me. More news coming.

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PKR Heads-up Grand Slam

October 09, 2009

I just played my PKR Heads-Up heat Round 1 with Jennifer Tilly. Things went very well. I did not lose a pot at show down during the entire heat and it was all over in 45 minutes. Tomorrow I play Sandra Naujoks in Round 2 and I’m looking forward to it. As soon as I am done with the PKR Heads-up Event, I am off to Marrakech Africa to play the WPT Event.

I’ve heard the Marrakech games are really great cash games and high limit. I haven’t decided yet how high I would play but it’s pot limit. I’m looking forward to being there and checking the games out but first things first, I want to win the PKR Heads-up.

Check ChipMeUp for an opportunity to cash when I do. All my shares for the Heads-up Event are sold but I am always putting up shares so stop by and take a piece of me. Also stop by the Sunday Bike Ride at TonyG Poker and try to take a piece of me there, knock me out and it’s worth a bounty. The bounty is $250 and the tournament is a freeroll, you can’t lose in that deal.

I’ll try to be back with a winning report shortly.

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Tony G Celebrity Bounty Event

October 02, 2009

Lynn Gilmartin talks with Tony. Tony says he’s feeling good. He caught the last bus to the crown and he’s happy to be there and it’s exciting. He says having an event named after him is OK, he’s just been lucky in much bigger tournaments and that a tournament could be named after anyone but he got lucky. He used to be on the street running around but now a tournament is named after him and it could be named after anyone. He says he’s happy he can participate and have a bit of fun with things he does.

He is asked about when he’s a bounty and how it feels. He talks about the bounty every Sunday on Tony G Poker where people just push in in the bounty tournament. Here, he says he just wants to have fun with people, have a few drinks, and enjoy!

Tony says he just came from London and he decided not to play the WSOPE main event and he sacrificed to play the PokerNews Cup and the Tony G Bounty. He said Crown called him and said they wouldn’t like him anymore if he didn’t come and play the bounty event. It is his event but he’s missed his own event before and he doesn’t have to be anywhere in the world but he wanted to be here. He says he never seems to do well any time he comes to Melbourne, he has family to see and spends time with them.

He loves Melbourne, it’s the best city in the world.

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