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My opinion of what’s going on and Isildur1

November 26, 2009 3 comments

I don’t want to talk too much about Isildur1 but I can reveal to all it is Viktor and he crushed them on the iPoker network for some time. I actually played a few hands with him today and quite many on iPoker where my site TonyG Poker runs. I honestly respect this guy 100%. He has proved that he is the best player in the game right now; this is based on many, many hands on iPoker and Full Tilt Poker.

I have one tip for him – you are still young, the key to make it is zero tilt. You can never get upset about losing hands. Having the ability to play as you and Tom do, or anyone else, you have to have great self control and money management.

Anyway, LOL, I just wish I was half as good as Tom or Viktor but I am not in the same class. Plus I guess I am too old now to risk a few mill with no solid edge. I jumped in the 300/600 on Full Tilt and lost about 30k or so and did not feel good about playing so I am out of those games but I wanted to try it to see how it feels and have played a few hands over the last five days but it is of no value for me right now; maybe another time.

I want to explore where Full Tilt is going now with these very huge games. I think the money is not correct right now and that these players are not showing a good example as pros…I am talking about Gus and Durrrr here, for those two world top pros to be losing 15 Million on Full Tilt in six months is not the right example to the up and coming players. I think Full Tilt needs to kill the big games, with the biggest being 100-200. In the long run, I believe the limits being played right now will hurt the game. Sure, it’s nice to have so many fans watching but if you look at the chat, they are brutal to Durr. Most of the players like to see him lose his money because they can never play like him.

The great players understand how massive Durrrr is to be able to play such huge stakes and be back every day, but I just feel that the pressure can get to anyone when you swing millions and go broke, it’s a hard road back when you lose 7.5 Million, it’s not going to be easy.

The games look too big to me right now. They need to be realigned. Poker is meant to be a fun hobby and it’s fine to play against Andy Beal who can play the corporation as they are all matured gamblers but these are young kids on the internet.

Let’s explore Full Tilt further. I think what they are doing for poker is amazing and I estimate Full Tilt pays their pros close to 50 Million per year; this is money going back to the poker community. With some of their money, it’s in rake back, etc., for the Red Pro deal; but it’s still a huge deal to get the lowest deal with Full Tilt if you have some talent and self control, you are set for life. Kudos to Full Tilt for giving so much money out to the players, it feeds the live poker industry like the WSOP in a mega way.

If we look at PokerStars who give players a better deal in principal, once you sign with Stars, you are also set – they take care of you like family; I hear this all the time. PokerStars loves poker and also gives a huge amount of money back to the poker community. I estimate that PokerStars pays their players at least 2 Million per month, this is a big help to everyone. The other thing with PokerStars is that they are so responsible with their players that their support of everyone that might have a problem is really strong and they really care about supporting and stopping players who have issues. Also, PokerStars is much more about tournaments and having fun with poker.

I think for poker, PokerStars and Full Tilt are a great example of the good that can be done by poker for the positives.

Let’s look at Party Poker. The whole industry boom was due to the money that Party invested and the innovative ideas of Lipscomb and his WPT. These two companies are responsible for the boom in the early years when poker was fun and the Party founders made billions. Others that came after them also made out OK. Party Poker is waiting on the USA right now but I feel the company has turned around from the horrid management and the direction the company was going in before. The new team is a poker team. You can see they will be a strong force with them buying the WPT. It’s kind of good for poker as there can be some balance now for players. It’s important that there are several very strong companies and solid competition in the market place. It’s fair to say I always loved Party Poker. The fact that I did so well out of the founders being so clever is an important factor here. But when you look at Party Poker, how did they make it so big? Maybe it was Mike Sexton, a poker player that the key players in the USA could associate with - and that brought the poker players to Party Poker.

I think that the management later forgot about Mike and forgot about using money to sign good poker people like Mike and others like him who could add credibility, passion, and commitment to their brand. I talk to Mike all the time and I know how loyal he always has been to Party and I think we have to keep in mind that at the end of the day, if they did not have Mike and his connection with the WPT and TV, Party may have never made it so big. So maybe at the end, we all improve the value of having poker pros behind sites and that way if we can pay, say 250 Million per year to poker players around the world, the live circuit can get 3x bigger going forward.

Now things will be very interesting with the WSOP. They are launching in the UK, and are imminently powered by 888, which I think is one of the weakest platforms out there. And they are entering the UK, the most competitive and least profitable market in the world. I’m not sure it’s such a smart move. It’s a huge gamble if the true poker sites who love poker, and the players in the game, don’t back the WSOP going forward; they may see the WSOP as a competitor and it will not be easy, but if players can go to qualify to the WSOP, then it could be even better. The guy powering the WSOP online is the ex-Party guy and everyone has a position on what he did there. But the guy has talent and is a good family man and I am sure he is determined to really do well with the WSOP. It’s all going to be exciting and I wish that the WSOP would give some of the money they rake from their events to the poker community so it can get healthier.

If anyone has any questions, please do post here. I will answer, but anything silly will be deleted.

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Busy in London

November 24, 2009 7 comments

I am in London right now going to the gym every day and trying to stay fit. My only problem is that I like pizza and good food and wine so I need to work on giving up on some of those things.

I have a little stressing going on as I have a personal deal to sign and I have two really good offers on the table and possibly a third one will come along. There is only one deal I want to sign and that is with the best company in the world that loves poker. I know that Tom Dwan signed the biggest endorsement deal in the history of the game. It’s said that he had a very late offer from the biggest poker operator in the world and that offer as I understand, was close to 2 million per year. So the price of the big players is rising.

How much is Isildur1 worth? He killed Durrrr and it’s not just a killing, it’s total devastation, it’s like signing Jordan to have him turn up and score 3 points a game.

Anyway, Tom seems to be on the bench right now but I am sure he will recover from this. I was down taking a look for his Million Dollar Challenge and I did an interview and said that Tom is a genius, the best player ever.

You can have the most talent but you always have to expect somebody better to come along and beat you. It might be just for awhile but why go and lose it all when you cannot reload? Tom is young and will bounce back from this bigger than ever. I know many people would take a share of him and Ivey will most likely back him so he will never be broke but he might be close to being cash broke right now.

Full Tilt has done amazing things with their big games. Everyone is fascinated and it’s so clear that Full Tilt is the fastest growing site right now. People love to watch the big games and this includes me as well. I might play bigger but I only want to play against players I know I am stronger than but I would love to play with these guys, say in a 1 Million buy-in tournament that ran over one week and included all the games. Let’s hope that somebody launches a tour. It can only be Full Tilt as they have all the heavy weight poker players right now.

Big kudos for Full Tilt but they should also think about these huge stakes getting out of hand. When young kids watch the games, they can get the wrong idea. PokerStars, by not going this route and by not being able to sign Tom, might be better off as the super high stakes with young kids playing cannot be too healthy if things go wrong. Ilsidur1 is only 19 and you don’t want a kid jumping off of a bridge after losing 10 Million in one day.

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In Paris

November 15, 2009

I am in Paris at the Aviation Club de France. It’s my favorite country in the world so I decided to come up here to play a bit of cash and have a look around the city.

Right now I have an offer to sign with a major poker room and it seems exciting. I might even sign this week so be sure to check back soon to find out who I will sign with. It’s a large deal that would include the sale of TonyG Poker to the new company too.

As I’ve said before, it is very exciting times in online poker with new regulation coming, there are many new opportunities so I am hoping to be able to participate in them. The key is to have your name up there and hope to make the deals that make sense. For now I am enjoying Paris but come Monday I will be back in the UK and the Isle of Man and hope to sign a deal next week.

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TonyG Mix

November 10, 2009 1 comments

TonyG’s got the rhythm and the words all lined up to make your day as you listen to him give ‘The Russian’ heat. Whether or not you agree with how to talk to someone after besting them in a hand, you have to agree that it’s entertaining and upbeat. Listen to the Music!


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November 08, 2009

I don’t have plans for poker right now other than playing online at TonyG Poker. Right now I am focused on business and things are looking very interesting in the online poker business. Regulation is coming all over and it’s good for everyone. The players are going to be safer and the governments are going to keep that in mind, everyone is a winner. Let’s hope for regulation in Europe and there will be another poker boom in the second leg if the USA follows suit, then it will be wham, bam, thank you mama. Right now I doubt the USA will kick in but time will tell so for now I play a little poker and work a lot so pokernews.com will be positioned as the number one poker information site. Keep the good word, enjoy your game, meet me on TonyG Poker for the Sunday Bike Ride.

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