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World Team Poker Opinion

May 22, 2010

I’ll be staying in Las Vegas now until the WSOP starts and focusing on the 50K event. After that I’ll decide if I’m staying longer in Vegas or taking a trip to parts unknown for awhile. Even if I leave during the Series, I have plans to play some of the events.

I just played the World Team Poker (WTP) event at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. The whole concept is fantastic and this could be THE poker innovation of the decade. With China winning it, it could help poker in Asia and we do need a second boom in the market of online poker. It is amazing to see all of the major online poker sites represented at this event, and the teams playing and working together; that alone is a huge move for poker.

The WTP was put together by small people with big ideas (not the usual corporate conglomerate) and I guess that sums up what America is all about and what I am about, big ideas with regular people behind them. Good on them for pulling this off and they have signed so many of the top players in the world that they have a real asset. I hope this turns out to be the biggest thing in poker.

The team time-outs will be a huge part of the show and the audience gets to tune in and watch when the team captain comes over – sometimes steamed up. One case example is when Brazil had K-K in Omaha and was looking at a 3rd reraise. It was clear he was beat and he had K-K-10-2 vs. the A-A for Vietnam and called for time-out. The team captain came over and said fold but the player called anyway. LOL Obviously the 10-2 came into play and Brazil bad beat A-A in Omaha but the drama of that moment is a huge part of what makes the team play a big hit.

Other moments with Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, the DevilFish, and commentary with Robert Williamson III as the announcer make the show a hit.

The teams will only get stronger. My team, Team Australia, lost the very first four players and had one left. We clawed our way back up to fight again. I played in the end in PLO to get us through but David Saab, with his huge aggression, gave us a big boost, and then Jeff Lisandro played in LH. We used our best suited players for each game. We all love it despite the show and the organization not being the best, but it was their inaugural event and the first one takes a little time to figure out. We all expected to support people with big ideas and let’s hope they become big people with the WTP. Good luck to Robert Turner; he has been around the poker traps for years and for him to pull this off is great for everyone and gives us hope.

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Still in the Desert

May 16, 2010 1 comments

I’m in Tucson Arizona, that’s southeast of Phoenix and just about 60 miles north of the US/Mexico Border. I’m here to continue working on my quest for great health and a good life. I may have to quickly jet in and play the World Team Poker event at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the 18th, before flying in to play the 50K event at the WSOP on the 28th.

The World Team Poker Event is a one day contest with 40 of the world’s top poker pros and five man teams that represent eight different countries. The countries have captains and co-captains:

Phil Hellmuth Jr, USA
Johnny Chan and David Chiu, China – co-captains
Men “The Master” Nguyen, Vietnam
Eli Elezra, Israel
Ben Roberts, England
Jeff Lisandro and Tony Gouga (The G), Australia – co-captains
Juliana Maesano, Brazil
George Kapalas, Greece

The team buy-in is $50K and we will be playing LH, PLO, and NLH. It’s going to be very entertaining and the event will be televised.

I’m not sure how many events I will play at the WSOP but I will put my biggest effort into the starting event, the $50K, early on.

As to my latest poker playing adventures and fun, I can’t talk about the Doubles Championship I just completed in Las Vegas but you’ll soon see it on TV. Get ready for a show

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Back to my old ways

May 09, 2010 1 comments

I have played a mega session of cash games with Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Laak. The show will be televised on Fox Sports in the USA starting in June. I am going back in today and I am not allowed to talk about the results but I am back to my brutal best and my old ways.

Kudos to PokerStars for coming up with this amazing concept of a Loose Cannon. The player gets a $100K freeroll but only gets to keep what he wins. The home viewer has someone to relate to as they watch the Cannon fire up his game. And let’s get back to Phil Hellmuth – he suffered badly again, not to mention being outclassed, and against all odds he was humiliated yet again.

Pssst! Hellmuth, you need to get that mind coach on standby full time now or it could be the trike for you forever my friend!

I am loving it in Las Vegas and I am still in the Full Tilt show, still alive, and playing great poker in the Doubles Championship event (the picture is my teammate and I on Friday night). Today I play with David Benyamine again. I can’t talk about the results but I am giving everyone a hard, hard time. Bring me the big name pros and I will crush them one by one.

I have the heart and commitment to the play the game Baby!

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In Las Vegas getting ready to play POKAH!

May 08, 2010 1 comments

I’m staying at Wynn Las Vegas. They take very good care of me here and gave me a nice villa with a pool. I love it!

Right now I’m getting ready to play in the Doubles Championship that is going on at the Golden Nugget. So far I have been paired with Johnny Chan and Erik Seidel. The field includes Phil Hellmuth, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari and all the big names in poker. It’s an amazing concept, Mori Eskandani has some incredible innovation and this will be a huge show. One player plays the flop and then you change cards – so Chan would see a flop and then I pay after the turn comes and we change again. We have one time out, anyway, it’s an amazing concept.

I am not allowed to write about results but I can say I am doing very well. I will be playing again tonight at 7 p.m.

Next week I join the big game that will be filmed at South Point. I start this game tomorrow morning. It’s a 100K buy-in cash game that will be shown on Fox Sports. I am keen to do well and have four re-buys ready.

I hope to go out in the desert area around Las Vegas for a hike next week – and win a lot of money in the big game. Check back.

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A Long Day With Viktor Blom

May 01, 2010 1 comments

I played all day with Viktor in the PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo High Roller Event and got to know him pretty well as a poker player.

I have my own observations and thoughts on poker players, especially after spending table time with them, and I have to be honest here. Viktor has talent but he is really raw. He’s not a favorite in MTT events. He has a long way to go to even be near the top and have a fighting chance in MTTs. That doesn’t mean I’m saying he doesn’t have talent, he has tremendous talent but he’s going to have to learn if he continues to play MTTs and wants to do any good in them. I talked to him and tried to give him some advice but since he’s 19, he has it all worked out and doesn’t want to take any advice. That’s the beauty of youth, they know everything, I did when I was that age too.

He’s a good looking kid with a huge future but he will have to take advice on board and use it as a tool and he needs to learn other things, like perception and what others think about you. You need to be self aware in poker and be able to adjust based on other player’s perception of you. Vik plays every hand like it’s a new event, which is very refreshing, but in MTTs, and even in cash games, you have to be aware of how you are perceived at each and every stage of the game.

He made one huge over bet on the river with a bluff that seemed obvious. He ran really good by winning about five marginal all-in hands and getting A-A vs. K-K in another all-in pot.

In the final hand he had about 50 BB and got it all-in vs. K-K preflop—it seemed hard to do with his J-J but he managed it. He was notably crushed when he busted, totally gutted. The good thing is that he has the passion to win so he will make it - the poker world needs him to make it so let’s all hope he does.

My summation: ran good, has talent, but has a long, long way to go in MTTs.

Pssst…Vik, it’s a huge event, you can fold J-J to the tightest player at the table.

On ya bike son!

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