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Off to Europe

June 16, 2010 2 comments

I am back in London. I am really glad to have some time off and away from the WSOP. There are a few sites talking it up about me leaving the WSOP right now and even throwing in name calling. Guess what? I don’t care. I play when I enjoy playing and I do my best. I don’t have to play on their schedule or on their idea of how I should react. They seem to have forgotten that poker is a game and the player chooses the field of competition.

I am crushed that I could not make a final table or pick up a bracelet this year but I will most likely play the Main Event and take a crack at the WSOP Europe later on, I won’t give up trying.

The PokerStars Big Game aired on TV in the US on the 14th and if you missed it, you can watch it on the PokerStars Blog. The loose cannon, Ernest Wiggins, comes in with $100K and plays against the pros: Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, The G (me), and Phil Hellmuth. We play 150 hands and I’m the most aggressive according to the stats, 15 times more aggressive to bet or raise than call than the other players. I hate it when my secrets are given away. I did have a great time with the Big Game.

I’m always busy with my business and working on good health and enjoying life. I want to have a good time, no matter what I do – which includes riding my trike.

P.S. After playing the WSOP $10k PLO event all day and busting close to the money with Hellmuth at my table, the only consolation was that he busted before me. I went to Bobbys Room at Bellagio to relax and got into a 4K-8K mixed game. We played limit Deuce to 7 triple draw and 500-1000 PLO. Ivey was drunk, on my right, and there were some bets on him vomitting in Bobbys Room but it was all fun and games, no harm intended, just laughter and good times. The Ivey BBQ was on today and the big boys in the game were more than happy. Durrrr was in the game and so was Benyamine and the crazy Frenchy Ciryl. I managed to snag a few pots from Ivey and peddled my bike out to home, I was a very happy punter and more important, a winner.

Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better Championship

June 13, 2010

Tony spends a few minutes with Gloria Balding as she says this tournament is one of the easiest tournaments ever and Tony agrees by saying that he’s the best player there *note the laughter in the background* as Tony continues. He just put his shares up on ChipMeUp and they are sold out already. He’s trying hard, he hasn’t cashed yet at the World Series but he has won a tournament in the last week. He’s doing well, and having a good year, and he feels good about the $10K PLO Hi/Low tournament that continues again today.

He says he’s doing his best with his limited abilities, just plugging away and if he doesn’t final table in this event, it will probably be his last event until perhaps the Main Event.

He talks about the balance of poker and life and being able to step away from it for awhile to bring it back into the right focus.

He’s also sweating the Aussie Rules Football game and has sportsbets on it as he plays poker. He used to play the game as a kid.

He made a 100k bet with Phil Ivey on this game and talks about his last crazy bet with Tom Dwan in the Deuce to 7 Lowball Draw tournament.

He’s looking at houses in Las Vegas since he plans on buying a house in the area and says he’s in Patrick’s house right now and it was incorrectly reported that he was going to buy it, he’s still looking.

Away from the camera, Tony reports that he’s super motivated to do well in this event and he really enjoys the game and has done well in it over the years.

Playing the 2-7 low ball draw

June 10, 2010

I got to the tournament area late, after the dinner break. I had business to take care of and this was going to probably be my last event at the WSOP this year. I haven’t decided if I will be back for the Main Event or not.

I had a last longer bet with Tom Dwan. If he outlasted me, I had to go over to his table and do 5 pushups, if I outlasted him, he had to come to mine and do 15. I lost the bet. Those 5 pushups were not easy, it’s much easier to ride a bike, but I have been working out with a trainer and it won’t be long before they are much easier. Losing the bet wasn’t easy either because I wanted to play and see if I could start moving up the ladder.

For now I’m going home to Europe soon. I want to spend time with my family and keep working on good health. I may return to the Series, I may not. I will be playing the Poker Lounge Show in Cardiff in the UK on July 21st, that is the only poker plan I have right now.

Omaha Hi/Low 8 or Better

June 05, 2010

Gloria Balding catches Tony just as he’s heading out to dinner. He’s playing in the Omaha Hi/Lo Limit tournament. Tony says he needs a good run. He’s in to small tournaments now and things haven’t been going well but he’s not giving up. He plays for fun but he plays to win and every tournament he enters is one that he wants to win.

Everyone, including Phil Ivey, are playing all the tournaments – low limit buy-ins and big buy-ins, everyone has different reasons to play but it’s all about the bracelet. Tony really wants to win one, time will tell but he wants to win one.

He’s comfortable with all games and any limit. Gloria asks about the game Go Fish, which sends Tony off to dinner to eat some.

*Please wait for the video to load*

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WSOP Day 1 – Waiting to Play

June 02, 2010

Lynn Gilmartin chats with Tony on the first day of the WSOP. Tony’s pumped up and on the list, ready to jump into the 50k sharkfest. There’s a new rule - if you show up late, you have to wait for the start of the next round. That’s what has happened to Tony, he has to wait for the full round of games before he can play the tournament. Tony says he doesn’t mind, as long as he knows the rules, he knows what to do.

Lynn is trying to verify the rumor that the $50k Poker Players Championship entrants got a $100 food voucher – the normal one is $10 – but Tony can’t find his, even though he searches for it.

Tony says he’s going to try to win something at the WSOP and he will just keep plugging away and have fun playing, have fun in Vegas, and get healthy and fit. He’s working out a lot. He’s happy with the way things are going and enjoying what he does…”That’s what it’s all about.

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