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Laura Cornelius Surrounded by Frenemies – Big Game Live

April 21, 2011

Laura has Alec Torelli, Mike Matusow, The G, and Roland de Wolfe on deck for Tony’s video blog at the PokerNews Interactive live stream of the Party Poker Big Game V. Laura is holding a Phil Ivey doll and says, “Phil Ivey’s in the house!” before she asks Tony if he’s coming back to the game.

Tony says it’s up to the organizers and a big discussion starts about who is ahead at this point, Jennifer Tilly is according to Matusow and de Wolfe but Tony disagrees, he says they are tallying it up right now. Tony believes Jennifer isn’t coming back to play and Matusow says they will all give her 500 to come back so Tony won’t win.

Tony says he will wait for the organizers to give him the green light so he can jet off to London. de Wolfe says they are fixing it up so Tony will have the badge to say winner and that Jennifer is actually ahead.

Laura asks Matusow what he thinks of his doll; the doll takes a beating as Mike ’shows’ what he thinks of the doll by throwing it onto the floor, stepping on it, drop kicking it as he talks, and ends with, “I’m playing better now!”

Laura asks Mike who he’s going to get at the table and Mike stammers through, “I don’t know…” when Torelli pipes in, “It’s hard for Mike to find the target when he is the target…”

Laura tells them all to shake hands and they do! Tony rousts them with a team huddle cheer, “WE CAN DO IT!”

As they go back to the table, Laura spins the yarn that they all love each other…really!

Party Poker Big Game V – There’s a Bike Here Somewhere

April 18, 2011

Tony comes riding into the dimly lit Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham UK, for the Party Poker Big Game V that is being live streamed on PokerNews Interactive. He’s got a basket on his bike – for the poker dolls to ride in.

Tony takes a ride around the table and sizes up the players, letting them know that the bike is waiting for their exit. He lets one of the dolls get a look at the players as it stands on the rail, and then does a double back flip before Tony puts the doll back in the basket. Tony stands by the table and talks to the players, sitting down for just a moment to show the doll the game.

Laura Cornelius is waiting for Tony once he parks the bike.

Tony says he was asleep and plugging away in bed in a dream. He says he will slip into the game and do his best. Laura asks if he’s been watching any of the live stream of the game and he says yes, it has been a bit of motivation. Laura says they’re about to lose someone in the game and asks if Tony knows whose seat he will take. Tony says he thinks it’s Neil Channing. He’s going to get biked, he’s the most sort of popular hated player in the UK. Tony says he’s the most hated. Tony says that’s not a bad title, he’s won something, and Channing’s been working hard to win.

Tony introduces his friends, the dolls that he brought in the basket on his bike, the first one is Devilfish – Tony brings up the doll that Bruno got when he got evicted because he’s also one of the most hated players – the next doll Tony shows is Phil Hellmuth and Tony turns the doll upside down and cracks jokes about Hellmuth’s private jet; the third doll is Daniel, Laura likes the beard.

Tony says there’s a bulldog in the house but they’re not allowing German Shepherds because they don’t want a dog fight. He says there’s a lot of controversy in America and he’s staying away from that. He says the dog is going to eat Hellmuth and Devilfish.

And Tony’s off…to take the dolls to the table.

The Big Game V on PokerNews Interactive Live Stream

April 17, 2011

I’m in LT right now feeding my dogs and working hard but I’ll be in Nottingham UK in the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club working my way through some of the starting line-up of the Party Poker Big Game V – these are the ones: Viffer, Annette Obrestad, Jennifer Tilly, Sam Trickett, Bruno Fitoussi, Devilfish, Neil Channing, and a Party Poker qualifier – starting April 15th.

I’ll be playing for sure, I think I’m coming in first man down, coaxing my fellow players to drink, barking (since my dogs can’t come), and trying to build my cash stack up. It’s a 48 hour poker marathon where anything can happen and probably will because something new has been added.

You can interact as you watch the live stream at PokerNews, the whole 48 hours. You get to see the hole cards, hear all the noisy chatter with players, listen and watch for trivia and password hints and clues in the live stream, and find the restricted password for two Freerolls at PartyPoker that have cash added and a seat to the Party Poker Spring Million, and the best part is, you can vote on evicting a player that you don’t want at the table. Of course you want me there, I’m not a nit, I’m fun, I’m crazy, and I get things going. I promise to be the entertainment manager when I’m in the game.

You get to decide on Bike Time, big time. Tune in and stay tuned for all the fun and action and become part of it this weekend at PokerNews.