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PLO in Vienna

April 18, 2012 1 comments

I have been in Vienna playing PLO games. The action is great and I've
been playing well and winning. It is always more fun when I'm winning! I
love PLO. When I finish tormenting and punishing everyone I meet at the
poker tables in Vienna, I will go to Croatia for a week and play tennis.
I may have to find someone that plays tennis on a bike.

Tennis is going to be part of my getting fit and in shape, a Tony G
promotion I have created for myself. People should do that more often,
create a promotion just for themselves. It could be any manner of things
you want to do to improve your life or take you out of a hole that you
have fallen into on your way down, like Phil Hellmuth, he needs to
create a PHI-MUTH program.

Phil, you understand the need, right? You are lost and it shows. You
didn't make it to the Premier League or The Big Game. Are you going to
come out and play? If so, when?

Enough about Phil.

I will be in Monte Carlo on the 22nd of April and ready to play in the
first ever European Super High Roller event that has a €100,000 (about
$131,500) buy-in. This looks like the line-up for the game so far:

  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Eugene Katchalov
  • Jason Mercier
  • Scott Seiver
  • David Sands
  • Dan Shak
  • Artem Evgenievich Litvinov
  • Leon Tsoukernik
  • Tobias Reinkemeier
  • Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom
  • Masa Kagawa
  • Patrik Antonius
  • Jason Somerville
  • Sorel Mizzi
  • Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier
  • Jonathan Duhamel
  • Dan Smith

I have been very busy with TonyBet.
Soon we hope to have a live game (like The Big Game) on
PokerNews and have live betting
on the side with TonyBet providing the lines for the betting. Look for
more news on that soon.

Join me on Facebook for some fun with naming this picture:

Playing Update - The Premier League and the Big Game

April 11, 2012

Tags: The PartyPoker Big Game, PartyPoker Premier League, Patrik Antonius, Mike Sexton, Jesse May, Pandas.

I've been on a runner that only The G could make and survive. I played poker with Mike Sexton on the streets of Vienna - and loved the hell out of it. But since I’m me and the rest of the world is ‘them’ it’s possible ‘them’ loved seeing me in the poker game more than I loved being in it. You figure it out! Thumbs Up

When I won Group A, Heat 2, I busted Erik Seidel to do it. He is a Seiborg. I welcome him to the living dead:

I made the final table of the Premier League and picked up some big hands but could never get paid off or find action until I hit the hand with K-K that sent most of my chips to Patrik Antonius. I raised to 30,000 and got called by Ad-4d out of the BB. The flop should have sent alarms firing off every milisecond in my brain when it came A-A-4. Antonius and I checked the turn, he checked the river and I bet. He check raised and I called. I wasn't happy. I'm sure I called because there was a donkey on the table and it removed everything else that would have saved me - all my other animals that had been with me during my table time. My animal instincts were done!

I wasn't happy!

Vodka and Red Bull became my new best friend. I didn't want a break; I wanted to pay the staff to keep the game running. The Blinds were 15,000-30,000 and I was firing and rehiring my PA and the Panda about every half a minute! Damn the Panda! They used to be lucky for me when we played Twister.

I shoved my last 192,000 into the middle with the Ac-Kc and that hand got ran over by Dan Cates' Ad-Qd.

I was out, steaming and looking for more Red Bull laced with Vodka, tweeting "you know you are done when the bunny's got the gun - all pandas and pa's need to be fired - lets get patrik."

I went out to the streets to look for a Seiborg on a bike! He wasn't to be found. But that is all history now. Congratulations to Scott Seiver for winning the Premier League.

Today I'm playing The Big Game. It's broadcasting live, come and join in the fun.

Update on PartyPoker Premier League V

April 08, 2012

Tags: Phil Hellmuth, PartyPoker Premier League, Jesus, Animal instincts, Howard Lederer.

I am in Vienna dodging bullets from some of the best players in the world and having the time of my life. I love the game! Hellmuth isn't here but some players just can't keep up with the competition. I did my best to goad him into coming and talking smack to him and about him, but he's out, out, out! I even sent him a tweet extolling the virtues of drinking Guinness to give him steel, heart and commitment, and advised him to drink lots of it so he could become Premier League class again.

I found JESUS! I tried to find my money but he said "Maybe we can talk about it." That's more than I've gotten from Howard, he won't even talk to me or anyone else about it. Jesus was polite and calm and I invited him to party.

I found Jesus again playing poker on the Premier League TV set and I went for it. I gatecrashed the set and disrupted everything. That is one of the things I do best. I make things happen. When it starts to quiet down and people think they are going to get a chance to relax and maybe sleep everything off, I like to jump in and put the spotlight on them, shake up the dust, and pull them back into the Tony G timeline.

I won Group A Heat 2 of the Premier League Live because I used my animal instincts. I am an animal when it comes to poker!!! That is really why Hellmuth didn't show!

Premier League Group A

After 3 heats (1 more to play)

Tony G - 26 pts
Sam Trickett - 25 pts
Mathew Frankland - 24 pts
Phil Laak - 23 pts
Erik Seidel - 21 pts
Andy Frankenberger - 17 pts
Eugene Katchalov - 9 pts
Luke Schwartz - 5 pts

Premier League Group B

After 3 heats (1 more to play)

Scott Seiver - 27 pts
Patrik Antonius - 26 pts
Yevgeniy Timoshenko - 25 pts
Jungleman - 22 pts
Tom Dwan - 20 pts
ElkY - 16 pts
Vanessa Selbst - 12 pts
Ben Wilinofsky - 2 pts

Follow all the live updates at the PartyPoker Blog.

I am captured on canvas playing a hand of poker against President Putin by Nadia. The background of the painting is explained on her website. But I don't understand why she is trying to get my mouth shut once and for all, do you?

So many words to say and so little time!

Goodbye Australia and the Twister Panda competition

February 02, 2012

Tags: Aussie Millions, Crown Poker, Phil Hellmuth, Max Pescatori, WPT Venice, PartyPoker, Melanie Weisner, The Professor.

The Aussie Millions was a great time. It always is one of my favorite tournaments and The Crown knows how to take care of their players. But it's over for another year and I have other places to be. The WPT Vienna starts on April 10th at the Montesino Casino. I'll be there! I may even take the Australian Pandas with me to play Twister while I'm waiting to take everyone's money at the tables.

Isn't it amazing how much fun I have? I do have more fun than anyone else on the planet! Life can blow your mind out into the universe if you let all the steam build up from bad beats and the donkeys you send to the rail that don't know how to ride a bike.

Bike riding apparently isn't one of Melanie Weisner's strong points. I tempted her with a $10,000 unicycle challenge while we were at the Aussie Millions. She has a lot of heart and commitment but can she ride a unicycle? Find out!

The Pandas were at the $100,000 Scrabble challenge at the Aussie Millions too. Scrabble for $100K? I was looking for the Professor - I scoured the golf courses, I searched the poker tables, yachts, everywhere a professor would hide. He is hiding, right? No one can find him! But I finally found The Real Professor from Harvard.

The scrabble game had more...I set up bonus words that were worth 50 points - 'lion' and 'open' - ZASKO was a big part of the equation. The Real Professor won $100,000 and then he was going off to gamble on the Tennis games. The Pandas sat, pondering the whole scene. I took the microphone to get a statement from the Real Professor.

The Pandas were standing by as I was decked out in my incredibly mismatched outfit.

Am I a fashion statement?

I plan on throwing all the pirates overboard when I hit Venice. I have my eye on one in particular - the pretend pirate Max Pescatori. Get ready Max, the Pandas are coming, I'm coming to send you to feed the Piranhas!

The pretend pirate found out I'm going to make him walk the plank when we get to Venice for the World Poker Tour. He's fighting back, with words. I'm still laughing. No one can outword me! Not Phil Hellmuth, certainly not a pretend pirate. Rave on Max!

I'm teaching the Pandas to play at PartyPoker because that's where I play; look for me there and around the world in different places while I search for the Professor and taste the next adventure life has to offer.

P.S. I believe the Pandas can become world class players!

Leaving a trail of FUN at the Aussie Millions

January 22, 2012

Tags: Aussie Millions, Crown Poker, Phil Hellmuth, Lithuanian Business Lighthouse Award, Aussie Millions $100K Challenge.

It is my duty to make sure I have fun with whatever I'm doing at the time. Even if it meant the Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth sent me on a long trip around the edge of the world on a bike with two flat tires, searching for a way to beat him. That's his fairy tale, not mine!But if it did happen, I would still have fun along the way.

I'm at the final table of the 2012 Aussie Millions $100,000 buy-in and we're kicking off play before too long. Follow the action at PokerNews:

In my last post I was begging for accepting votes from everyone to help me win the Lithuanian Business Lighthouse Award - thank you everyone! I did win it out of 44 people that were nominated for the position, it was me! me! me! that took it down. I have all my loyal fans and readers to thank for it! And myself of course because I had to do something great to be nominated.

While we wait for the $100K Challenge to start the dance with me and the following poker tough guys, Gus Hansen-567,000, Nam Le-79,500, Sam Trickett-73,000, Mikhail Smirnov-265,000, Joe Hachem-538,500, Sorel Mizzi-228,500, and Dan Smith-346,500 take a look at the opinion of those in 'the know' when it comes to me and Hellmuth facing off heads-up:

And here's another one, you must have read about the Dan 'Jungleman' Cates $100K Challenge he made at the WPT in Prague, right? Here we are, in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure - and we're talking about the WPT Challenge.

Stay tuned to the Aussie Millions $100K Challenge Live Reporting and see what I can do to those without heart and commitment! They have a bike reserved just for them.

Notice anything? I didn't give you my starting chip count along with all the other poker tough guys. Here it is: 102,000. Just enough to knock the tough out of the game!

In Melbourne at the Aussie Millions

January 13, 2012

Tags: Aussie Millions, Crown Poker, Phil Hellmuth, Patrik Antonius, Lithuanian Business Lighthouse Award.

It's been awhile. It's always a crazy busy time for me with work and poker and life and laughter and fun - with very little time left over to just stop and relax. If I do take a break, who will take over the role of tormenting The Poker Brat? It's my job! Everything else I do is just for fun.

Phil Hellmuth & Tony G
Phil Hellmuth & Tony G

Life in Melbourne is good, great food, great poker and tennis every day. I've been playing poker with Patrik Antonius so if I mention looking for him for a match, it's all about poker baby. If we met for a tennis match, the only way I'd win is if he took a fall. Maybe we could set up a match where he played with a bucket over his head. I've been playing a little 200-400 PLO at The Crown trying to win enough to pay for Patrik's liters of Fiji water.

Here's a clip from Our Mixed Game Championship show that came out on the 10th on Sky Sports in the UK. And when you're done watching it, I need your vote so keep reading.

I am one of the 44 Lithuanian business people that is up for The Lithuanian Business Lighthouse Award (the page is best viewed in Google Chrome). Lithuania's most successful entrepreneurs are just waiting for a vote from you to select me.

Please do take a minute and vote for me! Tell all your friends to vote for me!

No, I can't pay you. Consider all the entertainment I've put across in the media in YouTube and PokerNews videos payment enough. Just vote!

Poker Action in the Desert and Online Poker Payouts

May 18, 2011 3 comments

have been in Las Vegas for awhile now. I came in to take a crack at the WPT World Championship at Bellagio, made it through day 2 and then out on day 3. And I’m here to work, it’s the life of The G, work out with my trainer, play a little poker, go back to work. I love it!

I recently did an interview on ESPN’s podcast, the Poker Edge, with Gary Wise and Andrew Feldman about Black Friday. If you haven’t listened to it, you should because I serve the online poker community and I’m concerned about the silence that is running through Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker for the players that are waiting for a scrap of news.

The whole poker universe is a bit on the downside since the indictments were served on the Big Three. It was just over a month ago and not much has been resolved in player payouts with Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker/UB. PokerStars has taken care of their players, that speaks volumes in helping settle the issues with the DOJ and internet poker in general. I am involved in trying to work through it with some of the top level people at Full Tilt. And I am involved because it affects my business at PokerNews and my lifestyle in poker. We need to move forward with a positive sign to clear the rubble from the past and start building online poker into a safe, regulated system for everyone that wants to play.

I have been very outspoken about player payouts and I believe it’s coming down to a big decision that must be made soon. But there is good news, I can’t elaborate too much but I have information that leads me to understand the FTP teams’ personal assets are on the line and they will liquidate to pay the players if need be. Since more talk or pressure won’t make things happen any faster, I am asking everyone to give Full Tilt Poker two weeks of grace to sort this out. Follow my poker tweets <http://www.pokernews.com/twitter/TonyGuoga/> for the unedited version of what’s going on in the mind of The G and updates with Full Tilt and the online poker world. Follow me on Twitter for more updates: @TonyGuoga

Along with work and working out, I’ve been searching for worthy opponents to play heads-up poker with while I’m in the desert. I’m not looking for a nit, I’m looking for action and someone that wants to rumble on the felt with The G. Find me at The Wynn, just look around for Steve Wynn’s German Shepherds and the guy that’s trying to outrun them on the golf course, that’s me.

While I’m in Vegas I won’t make it to the Sunday Bike Ride at Party Poker, but I will return soon, with a bunch of bikes for those of you that want to try to bust me out of the action.

Sunshine, Cash Outs, Wynn Hospitality

May 04, 2011 3 comments

It’s been a great day in Las Vegas, the sun is out, the weather is comfortable and perfect for a bike ride – now if I could just find someone to send down the road it would be even better! My mood and attitude about the gloom surrounding Black Friday is starting to climb out of the hole it was buried in for the last two weeks. We can get around all of this. Online poker isn’t going away. Maybe this whole attack by the DOJ will finally make people realize they have to fight back if they want freedom in their own home.

The cash out status for Full Tilt Poker is improving and it seems things are getting much better. I feel really confident about players in the USA getting their money back soon. I’ve heard some really good chatter today and I know the whole team is working hard to get the player’s money into the USA. The players in Australia have been able to cash out with no problem and so have many other countries so there is no doubt that today there is real stability. I feel good about all of it, just from hearing the news.

PokerStars has paid most U.S. players by now and they are running poker around the clock as usual. That’s a very good sign for online poker.

On the player’s money being safe and coming back to them, I believe Absolute Poker is dead. PokerStars is 100% safe. Full Tilt Poker is 90% safe. That’s my opinion only and you shouldn’t take book on it. I hope that all online poker sites honor the player’s trust and investments of time and money by returning all funds as soon as possible.

I’ve heard some rumors running around the world of poker chatter and there is some huge news coming about Full Tilt but right now it is chatter and I can’t talk about it. I really like to know things I can’t talk about; it’s a game of its own, and I love games.

But on the lighter side, I am at the Wynn enjoying Steve Wynn’s hospitality and staying one step ahead of his German shepherds this time. I played a freeroll Baccarat tourney yesterday and was first out. I’m playing again tonight in the second chance, there’s $1M up for grabs and Johnny Chan is fighting to win too. After the tourney I’m off to the gym with my personal trainer Paul.

The Aftermath of Black Friday

May 02, 2011

I caught a flight from Orlando to Vegas and touched down in Vegas late last night. Sin City is the usual for me, I’m here and ready to work. I like to play, but work is what keeps me moving across the globe and I’m on it today too. Black Friday has put the damper on posting and trying to remain upbeat about online poker when the US players aren’t able to play. Everyone is waiting to see what happens next. I don’t think it’s going to turn into a quick, happy ending because no one has ever won against the DOJ.

Next week is crunch week for Full Tilt Poker. They have to get some of the money out to people that has been frozen in accounts since the 15th of April. If players start to see their funds coming home, I think all will be fine and stable. I really feel for everyone involved. I think the key person at Full Tilt Poker is Nelson Burtnick since it appears he had the keys to the vault and the pin codes so he is the guy that could tell everyone where all the cookies are.

When you compare the two online poker sites, Full Tilt and PokerStars, there should be no difference with how the money is held. All the players’ money should be in a separate account. PokerStars has been able to come back to the players with a payment resolution already and Full Tilt should be able to do the same thing – that is unless Nelson had a crack with the cash. That is pure speculation on my part, I have no evidence, but Nelson should speak up and initiate a release and everyone will relax a little bit. It’s now become a situation where the time to make a statement is now and loyal supporters need to see action, waiting doesn’t help anything.

No matter how they do it, they have got to get the player’s accounts paid back to the player’s bank accounts. Luckily the owners have lots of personal assets and Durrrr and his mate are kind by offering $1Million. If all of the Full Tilt Poker Team could chip in with $1M each to start with, that would really help ease the tension. I feel that team FTP needs to step up right now and guarantee player funds with their own personal wealth.

I’m sure the DOJ is willing to help get the money back to players so if the money is there, it should be coming your way soon if you have an account at Full Tilt Poker.

I’ve reached out to the top owners at Full Tilt and while I don’t have the solution to any of it, I am here to help in any way I can. I’m waiting and hoping like everyone else, hoping the next move is a positive step for online poker everywhere.

Laura Cornelius Surrounded by Frenemies – Big Game Live

April 21, 2011

Laura has Alec Torelli, Mike Matusow, The G, and Roland de Wolfe on deck for Tony’s video blog at the PokerNews Interactive live stream of the Party Poker Big Game V. Laura is holding a Phil Ivey doll and says, “Phil Ivey’s in the house!” before she asks Tony if he’s coming back to the game.

Tony says it’s up to the organizers and a big discussion starts about who is ahead at this point, Jennifer Tilly is according to Matusow and de Wolfe but Tony disagrees, he says they are tallying it up right now. Tony believes Jennifer isn’t coming back to play and Matusow says they will all give her 500 to come back so Tony won’t win.

Tony says he will wait for the organizers to give him the green light so he can jet off to London. de Wolfe says they are fixing it up so Tony will have the badge to say winner and that Jennifer is actually ahead.

Laura asks Matusow what he thinks of his doll; the doll takes a beating as Mike ’shows’ what he thinks of the doll by throwing it onto the floor, stepping on it, drop kicking it as he talks, and ends with, “I’m playing better now!”

Laura asks Mike who he’s going to get at the table and Mike stammers through, “I don’t know…” when Torelli pipes in, “It’s hard for Mike to find the target when he is the target…”

Laura tells them all to shake hands and they do! Tony rousts them with a team huddle cheer, “WE CAN DO IT!”

As they go back to the table, Laura spins the yarn that they all love each other…really!

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