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Party Poker Big Game V – There’s a Bike Here Somewhere

April 18, 2011

Tony comes riding into the dimly lit Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham UK, for the Party Poker Big Game V that is being live streamed on PokerNews Interactive. He’s got a basket on his bike – for the poker dolls to ride in.

Tony takes a ride around the table and sizes up the players, letting them know that the bike is waiting for their exit. He lets one of the dolls get a look at the players as it stands on the rail, and then does a double back flip before Tony puts the doll back in the basket. Tony stands by the table and talks to the players, sitting down for just a moment to show the doll the game.

Laura Cornelius is waiting for Tony once he parks the bike.

Tony says he was asleep and plugging away in bed in a dream. He says he will slip into the game and do his best. Laura asks if he’s been watching any of the live stream of the game and he says yes, it has been a bit of motivation. Laura says they’re about to lose someone in the game and asks if Tony knows whose seat he will take. Tony says he thinks it’s Neil Channing. He’s going to get biked, he’s the most sort of popular hated player in the UK. Tony says he’s the most hated. Tony says that’s not a bad title, he’s won something, and Channing’s been working hard to win.

Tony introduces his friends, the dolls that he brought in the basket on his bike, the first one is Devilfish – Tony brings up the doll that Bruno got when he got evicted because he’s also one of the most hated players – the next doll Tony shows is Phil Hellmuth and Tony turns the doll upside down and cracks jokes about Hellmuth’s private jet; the third doll is Daniel, Laura likes the beard.

Tony says there’s a bulldog in the house but they’re not allowing German Shepherds because they don’t want a dog fight. He says there’s a lot of controversy in America and he’s staying away from that. He says the dog is going to eat Hellmuth and Devilfish.

And Tony’s off…to take the dolls to the table.

The Big Game V on PokerNews Interactive Live Stream

April 17, 2011

I’m in LT right now feeding my dogs and working hard but I’ll be in Nottingham UK in the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club working my way through some of the starting line-up of the Party Poker Big Game V – these are the ones: Viffer, Annette Obrestad, Jennifer Tilly, Sam Trickett, Bruno Fitoussi, Devilfish, Neil Channing, and a Party Poker qualifier – starting April 15th.

I’ll be playing for sure, I think I’m coming in first man down, coaxing my fellow players to drink, barking (since my dogs can’t come), and trying to build my cash stack up. It’s a 48 hour poker marathon where anything can happen and probably will because something new has been added.

You can interact as you watch the live stream at PokerNews, the whole 48 hours. You get to see the hole cards, hear all the noisy chatter with players, listen and watch for trivia and password hints and clues in the live stream, and find the restricted password for two Freerolls at PartyPoker that have cash added and a seat to the Party Poker Spring Million, and the best part is, you can vote on evicting a player that you don’t want at the table. Of course you want me there, I’m not a nit, I’m fun, I’m crazy, and I get things going. I promise to be the entertainment manager when I’m in the game.

You get to decide on Bike Time, big time. Tune in and stay tuned for all the fun and action and become part of it this weekend at PokerNews.

In Las Vegas for Poker and Russians

March 02, 2011 2 comments

I am playing the PokerStars Big Game. Thursday was a completely fun day when I got to punish and repunish Phil Hellmuth. It was my typical Tony G takes no prisoners kind of day and Phil was part of the aftermath I left laying behind me. He will probably give up poker altogether soon. Especially when he knows he has to face me. He must start shaking as soon as he knows he’s going to play against me now since he never wins. Obviously I can’t tell you any of the results because it would give away the show and that’s a BIG no-no but destroying Hellmuth is one of the things I enjoy most. Just watch the show.

I’ve been relaxing in my Villa at the Wynn when I’m not busy eating up poker players. It’s such a beautiful place, the golf course is right outside my balcony, I’m on the second floor and the view spreads out into rolling green, sand traps, ducks on the grass, the pool in the villa below, and right next to me is Steve Wynn’s villa. It’s completely fenced and his dogs are kept inside and not trying to take a piece of me off for lunch like before when I went to take a peek at Wynn’s villa.

The tranquil area outside my window keeps a wall between me and the lunacy of the Las Vegas Strip. The city that never sleeps is always calling. I have the best of everything. I can feed my crazy attitude and appetite anywhere I want, any time I want, and then return to quiet and peace and work on the inner spirit of The G. This inner spirit is in need of taking on Russian poker players and that’s what I get in my next trip to South Point Casino for The Big Game where I’m playing against a table full of them. It’s one of the things I love most, the next best thing to playing a table full of French players is a table full of Russians.

Before I went off to play the Russians, I had work to do,

then I needed a massage which I received in the massage room in my villa by a beautiful masseuse with great hands,

and donned my Party Poker wear for the day.

Isn’t it great that my sponsor, Party Poker, lets me play against and with Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars players? And on the subject of playing wherever I want, I was snubbed again in the picks for the 2011 NBC Heads-up. I am irritated about it and have sounded off on the 2+2 Forums.

Then I was off to play the Russians, driven in style,

I’m the Russian Billboard Ad

February 10, 2011

I came to Moscow to check out the games. A few years ago the games were so good I thought Russia was opening up and poker would be bigger there than anywhere else in the world. Now it’s like the world turned upside down in Russia and gambling is just not going to happen, not now anyway. All the clubs are shut down, it’s so sad, just imagine all the casinos shutting down on the Las Vegas Strip one day. All the super degens would go into withdrawal. Since there is no poker for me in Moscow, I’m on my way to Paris in a few hours.

I’m very popular in Russia, my face is on a billboard ad everywhere I turn. The media is making comments about me too. Can you believe it? I’m not playing poker or taking Zasko or TJ around a poker table to take a bite out of any poker players or threatening anyone with a bike ride, I’m just minding my own business and out of nowhere, I’m a poster ad. Here’s a picture of the billboard.

Tony G Billboard Ad

For my friends that can’t read Russian, the poster says to pay your council bills for heating. I pay so much in Lithuania I can’t afford to pay my bill in Russia. LMAO

You can find the story here. And do read the WHOLE page. Then you will know how I became so famous.

Full Tilt Poker $25k Shootout Invitational

January 21, 2011

Lynn Gilmarten greets Tony at the Aussie Millions 2011 and asks how he feels about the $25K Invitational. Tony says he feels great and he’s very happy to be invited, it’s a great field. He says the tables are all stacked and he’s going to have a bit of fun and then go to the tennis.

Asked about his table today, Tony says he’s got the weakest table and he’s very lucky to have them but they are very lucky to have him since he’s the weakest player in the weakest field. With all of that taken into consideration, Tony says that being the weakest player in the weakest field gives him a very good chance to get through to the next round. The Invitational is a three heat tournament.

Tony’s going to see Berankis against Nalbandian in the tennis. Richard Berankis is a Lithuanian connection and new on the scene so Tony will be out there with a cheer squad leading them on for a major victory.

Tony’s dog comes up next in the conversation. Zasko cannot make it due to issues with documentation but TJ is in and will make an appearance on Saturday. Tony says he is very well trained and qualified; he will do some tricks, some barks, and perhaps an attack or two.

Watch the video for a a super charged sense of Tony’s humor and the fun he has with poker and life.

Wishing everyone a great 2011

January 02, 2011 1 comments

I hope 2011 starts on a positive note for everyone and the future is filled with great health and happiness throughout the world. I’m looking forward to new projects and enjoying everything I have with family and friends. And I’m looking forward to many, many more poker competitions. I have one coming up.

It’s January 1st, 2011, and I woke up around 9.30am which is late for me. I am in New Zealand and the plan for the day is to do a 25km (a little over 15 miles) walk and I am sore as I have had a huge bet for a 14km run from 3 days ago. I have some Russian friends staying with me and we are all having fun but the side bets are painful on the body although I am a big winner here, it’s not about that.

I am here to get healthy and Dr. Lee Nelson who runs the fat farm here does the job. He takes care of me and I am getting into shape and feeling strong. On the last day we played an 8 game sit and go and I chopped it with the DR. which was a nice way to end the year. I think that result summed up the year for me. It was very, very good in terms of win/loss.

So the big news is me and Isildur1. The show down is coming. Since it was announced, a lot of people close to Isildur1 have protested that it may not be me playing. The correct way to do this thing is for me and him to sit next to each other at the PCA – where I would rush to – and everyone can ensure it’s me playing. I have had enough of people telling me I can’t play four screens at once. For one, I have doubts about isilidur1. Is it really him playing all 4 tables or is anyone helping him? Let’s sit next to each other and make it a clean game and leave no doubt about it. He can wear a mask to shield himself – that is not a problem – but the only fair way to make this happen now is that way, we sit together and fight this out hard at the PCA and he can cope with some well deserved verbal as well.

Isilidur1 did you pass that driver’s test by the way? Bring your permit with you! LOL

NZ and The Sunday Bike Ride

November 17, 2010

I am in back in NZ with Lee Nelson. I am staying at his retreat, Split Apple Retreat, and working on my health. The new thing I’ve started in my life is Yoga which has been difficult but is also very rewarding. On most days I am able to walk over 10 miles – that means I have more energy to go for bike rides but do not worry friends, I will send you on them when you play against me.

In general, things are really quiet for me right now, it’s a time of peace and rejuvenating the spirit. I have a far reaching goal of optimal health for The G. On a shorter scale, I want to get really fit and strong by January.

I have been invited to High Stakes Poker but it’s such a long way to go I am uncertain as of right now. I’m also considering the trip to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, but again, the distance from Melbourne is like 27 hours to get there and those flights take a lot out of you. I feel like I’ve made it in poker so the fun part is the key for me, (that should give all of you mean spirited people that don’t share my view of poker something to jump on). Flying all those hours and returning isn’t part of the fun I enjoy. When I fly to Las Vegas, I like to stay a few weeks and enjoy the place which gives me recuperation time before the flight back.

Right now I am completely focused on playing at the Party Poker Sunday Bike Ride – I will be playing there today. Do come and enjoy the game and your bike ride home, I will do my best to send you out.

All Gay’d Out and Laughing

October 25, 2010

Sometimes in life you get dealt a bad hand, but you play it anyway, and then you get an opportunity to change the hand. You have to have heart and commitment and the street confidence to just ask someone for that missing Ace. Ask Vifer, he’s a very willing candidate. Please, Vifer, just give me that Ace. I had the heart and commitment and the confidence and I deserve my Broadway.
I’ve been taking a look at this thread on 2+2. It’s gay! Oh wait, that’s me, I’m gay according to some of the posters. My response is: WHO THE FUCK CARES if you think I’m gay? I don’t care! Maybe you should tell your buddy sitting there huddling next to you when you fire up the threads on 2+2, maybe he cares.

I do care about Elizabeth and anyone picking on her is beyond the level of low life and your diatribe against her makes you my enemy. I don’t want people to attack Elizabeth. She is special and I took her and her sister Vic to the best club in Vegas and got the best table the “G” could get. We had a great time and it’s probably beyond the understanding of some of you low lifes but perhaps one day you will figure it out when you get a real life. Elizabeth made it in life and for her to be attacked is just beyond low and her willingness to continue posting on the 2+2 forum and answer your questions speaks very well of her character and intentions.

One day I will visit her and I will visit her nephew, or better yet, I might get them to fly in and visit me when I’m in Vegas mowing down the bloody Hellmuth again or that silly Vifer who I destroy and own. In fact, I own them all, so attack me and not my friend Elizabeth.

I love the 2+2 community! No, really. I love for people to have a crack at me as I’m just a donk off the streets that got lucky and I’m no one to look up too, but I will come after all the low lifes that attack my friend.

Australian Rules Football – and ME!

October 05, 2010

Back in Melbourne, the city I love, and it feels great. I’m getting ready for the Grand Final replay of Australian Rules Football. It’s an amazing game and the only one in the world that is replayed if there is a draw. That’s just what happened last Saturday. The game ended with St. Kilda and Collingwood each scoring 68 points. Lucky for me – I had a really big bet on St. Kilda which was +16.5pts.
This week I bet St. Kilda again for a big go. Here in Australia we have the only game in the world where the Grand Final has been replayed three times in the past century. The odds of a draw are about 100/1 but it does happen and I was cheering for it. I love the game so much I wanted to see one more live game this year. It is my favorite game in the world – after basketball.

I am going to run up to Sydney to try and pick up a beer business, it may only be a small part of the business but it should be fun. At the end of the month I will join Lee Nelson in New Zealand and be on a massive health drive for over a month. I enjoy learning and working on improving my health and I’m looking forward to this retreat.

I played some online poker yesterday at Party Poker at $250-$500 stakes. The session has been recorded and you will be able to watch the whole session soon here. Join me at Party Poker, it’s easy to mow me down and clean me out – I will fight back though so don’t look for an easy bankroll booster when you face me at the table. That’s why bikes were made!

Staying off the streets of London

August 08, 2010

I took down the $120K winner-take-all Poker Lounge in Cardiff at the end of July and had a great time doing it. It was a 6-seat sit and go for TV with a $20K buy-in. Jennifer Harman, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, and James Dempsey were in my heat. I ran over them and forced them to leave crying on the bike ride out. Mike Matusow and I ended up heads-up with The Mouth having a thin chip lead. It was an awesome repeat of the famous WPT Bad Boys of Poker finale. I crushed Mike then and I double crushed him again so bad that he had no tears left for the bike ride. The G is up and running in full form after taking some time away from the game.

I am in London right now enjoying life and played a pretty high stakes cash game last night in Les Ambassadeurs Casino and ended up just about even. I had a few side bets with Roland de Wolfe on odds of making a back door flush with one card gone. I am really weak at math but seemed to win from Roland on pure fact bets. It’s pretty silly as everyone knows I am a pretty major mug and should take me on with any bets and clean me out.

I am lining up for the big trip to Las Vegas this Tuesday where I will again get ready for the Big Game on Fox. I will play twice and am coming after Daniel to get some revenge. I will spend nine days in Vegas and then fly to Latvia where I play another TV event, the Baltic Poker Champs, that will be fun with all Baltic States playing. The PartyPoker World Open VI is starting, Phil Laak is the defending champion and confirmed to play but he took a bad tumble on an ATV and is in the hospital in Oregon with seven broken bones and a very bad injury to his right eye. Tough luck Phil, best wishes on your recuperation. I am also confirmed to play the World Open Vi and the World Poker Tour London that starts on the 29th of August. Busy times for me in the poker world right now but I am up for the challenge and filled with heart that the biggest donkey will win in the end. We all know donkeys can’t ride a bike!

So for now I am trying to stay out of trouble and off the London streets and pick a few winners – at least more winners than losers – in Aussie Rules Football. It’s been an amazing season this year. I just had my biggest bet of the year on Carlton vs. Essendon – go mighty blues!! How much do I bet on an Aussie Football League game? Well, it’s six numbers and I would bet more if they let me as I love to win.

One last thought – may your bike tires never go flat, may I never need to wonder if mine are.

Come play with Tony G at www.partypoker.com

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