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In Las Vegas getting ready to play POKAH!

May 08, 2010 1 comments

I’m staying at Wynn Las Vegas. They take very good care of me here and gave me a nice villa with a pool. I love it!

Right now I’m getting ready to play in the Doubles Championship that is going on at the Golden Nugget. So far I have been paired with Johnny Chan and Erik Seidel. The field includes Phil Hellmuth, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari and all the big names in poker. It’s an amazing concept, Mori Eskandani has some incredible innovation and this will be a huge show. One player plays the flop and then you change cards – so Chan would see a flop and then I pay after the turn comes and we change again. We have one time out, anyway, it’s an amazing concept.

I am not allowed to write about results but I can say I am doing very well. I will be playing again tonight at 7 p.m.

Next week I join the big game that will be filmed at South Point. I start this game tomorrow morning. It’s a 100K buy-in cash game that will be shown on Fox Sports. I am keen to do well and have four re-buys ready.

I hope to go out in the desert area around Las Vegas for a hike next week – and win a lot of money in the big game. Check back.

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A Long Day With Viktor Blom

May 01, 2010 1 comments

I played all day with Viktor in the PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo High Roller Event and got to know him pretty well as a poker player.

I have my own observations and thoughts on poker players, especially after spending table time with them, and I have to be honest here. Viktor has talent but he is really raw. He’s not a favorite in MTT events. He has a long way to go to even be near the top and have a fighting chance in MTTs. That doesn’t mean I’m saying he doesn’t have talent, he has tremendous talent but he’s going to have to learn if he continues to play MTTs and wants to do any good in them. I talked to him and tried to give him some advice but since he’s 19, he has it all worked out and doesn’t want to take any advice. That’s the beauty of youth, they know everything, I did when I was that age too.

He’s a good looking kid with a huge future but he will have to take advice on board and use it as a tool and he needs to learn other things, like perception and what others think about you. You need to be self aware in poker and be able to adjust based on other player’s perception of you. Vik plays every hand like it’s a new event, which is very refreshing, but in MTTs, and even in cash games, you have to be aware of how you are perceived at each and every stage of the game.

He made one huge over bet on the river with a bluff that seemed obvious. He ran really good by winning about five marginal all-in hands and getting A-A vs. K-K in another all-in pot.

In the final hand he had about 50 BB and got it all-in vs. K-K preflop—it seemed hard to do with his J-J but he managed it. He was notably crushed when he busted, totally gutted. The good thing is that he has the passion to win so he will make it - the poker world needs him to make it so let’s all hope he does.

My summation: ran good, has talent, but has a long, long way to go in MTTs.

Pssst…Vik, it’s a huge event, you can fold J-J to the tightest player at the table.

On ya bike son!

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Busted from the Main Event at Monte Carlo

April 27, 2010 1 comments

I am in Monte Carlo, and just busted from the main event. I lost 80 percent of my stack on a nasty 10 on the river when I flopped a set of Jacks. Life really treats me so well that I am very happy to come here and get busted within the first six hours. Last year I got busted but came back well in the High Roller Event and won over $500K in cash and I plan on doing the same thing this year, so busting out of the main event early allows me to take it easy for a few days and then I am lining up for the High Roller event.

Soon I will be on my way to Las Vegas to play in a lot of TV events. This is going to be very exciting because I should be in Vegas by the 3rd of May and really plan on creating some serious TV entertainment. Then I will hit the WSOP hard very early on and focus on the high stakes buy-in events since they are so much more fun for me to play when I’m against the best players.

Right now I am relaxing, but shortly I will be busting some asses in the High Roller event here in Monte Carlo.

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April 20, 2010 1 comments

I am back in London. I was in the Isle of Man for a few days and my return trip went through Liverpool to London where I had to take a ferry and train so the trip took quite some time. I am focusing on Monaco. I will be going there to play the EPT. The High Roller Event last year was good so I hope to follow up close to, or better results, this year.

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Bluffed by Isildur1

April 11, 2010

I really thought he was coming to play the PartyPoker Big Game and we had worked everything out with Eddie Hearn, managing director and organizer of Matchroom Sport, and he would be allowed to play in a mask if he wanted and we were going to raise the stakes when he came in because he had said he didn’t think the stakes were big enough for him. We had a 50/50 staking deal.
Then I got a SMS from him “sry for not coming, take care bud.” It was a personal message to me and then management got involved as is expected in an event as big as this, and it’s true, he is not coming.

I have been bluffed before but I was counting on Isi to be there and this bluff is really disappointing to me. I am taking it personally. I’m not happy about it since he reached out to me and asked and then we spent some time working out details and he agreed to play. I had planned to fly Isi and three of his friends to London and we were ready to go. So the PartyPoker.com Big Game IV at Les Ambassadeurs in London will be minus one mystery guest and some of the anticipation and excitement will be missing, but not for long.

I am excited about playing. I will be entering to ‘Bicycle Race‘ by Queen. The James Bond theme ‘From Russia With Love‘ was also considered but it will be Bicycle Race. I planning on crushing all of them and using a tried and true method known as ‘bust and bike time!” I have wired in a lot of money to make it happen.

One last word on Isildur1, As stated before, I now, more than ever, want to make him bleed from the mask in a poker game. It’s bike time for him although I know that he’s soon going to take his driving test and I wish him luck. I am guessing that he will drive a Dodge Viper for his first set of wheels. But he needs to know how to ride a bike and get ready to ride it when he sees me coming. I have had confirmation that he will be in Monte Carlo and I’ll be waiting.

I have brought someone with me to London, a great player, and now that Isildur1 isn’t here in need of a mask, I may use it for this player. Mysteries are so much fun!

Staking Isildur1

March 28, 2010 1 comments

Isildur1 is back online, creating a lot of noise in the high limit games and I’ve mentioned in a past blog post that I would stake him and now I’m inviting him out to play the PartyPoker.com Big Game IV in the UK from April 11-13th at Les Ambassadeurs in London. I am offering to pay everything to get him there, and his hotel, and to stake him in the 48 hour cash game. Isildur1, everyone wants to watch your incredible online game unfold on a live table with your opponents sitting across the table from you.

You can still be anonymous. No one even has to see your face, you can wear any mask you want and I’m offering my Kermit the Frog outfit to you, it’s green and green resembles money so take the offer man. When the event is televised all over the world, everyone will see the Frog raising and stacking.

You can wear any mask you want, including one that I will have made just for you if that’s your choice. You don’t even have to talk, you can use hand signals for raising and checking, but from watching you play online I know you will use the raise motion the most.

Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sport is a friend and he will help you remain anonymous. You know I love your style and I want to watch you play and it will only make us better friends and more competitive in poker, I do hope you’ll accept. We will ask to get the event renamed if you agree to come. We will talk to the owners of the Les Ambassadeurs Club Les Isildur1’s for that one night.

If you come and let me stake you, I will still play my hardest to beat you. Be warned, the bike ride with a mask might be difficult.

Pauly's Pen

March 24, 2010 1 comments

The poem that Pauly used as a beginning for his post on Phil Hellmuth and me, the G, is a classic but what goes on between Hellmuth and me is beyond classic. If you want to read more about the poem and find a varying definition of what it means, read here and here.

If you want to find out how I feel about Hellmuth keep reading. I love to taunt him. Who wouldn’t? He invites it and everyone knows that he is going to try to be the star of every show no matter how he has to do it, even if it’s showing up as Caesar at the World Series of Poker. The thing that stands out most about Hellmuth, to everyone, are his quick retorts and cutting remarks when he gets beat. Why would he expect to win every hand he plays? And why is his behavior tolerated by anyone, including tournament directors, when he behaves the way he does? For that reason, I taunt him and try to get him to go over the edge because that’s where I want him, over the edge when I play against him and I’m going to try to bust him hard when I play against him. My letter to Hellmuth has been dissected and explained by more than one, I do not feel the need to explain. I do feel that when a player of his caliber leaves a tournament table and curls up on the floor in fetal position in front of the audience and the cameras that something is wrong. He is either mentally off balance or he’s putting on the ultimate show to get attention which is one of his tricks.

Pauly’s post is funny, you will enjoy it. I don’t need biting lessons and yes I am blessed by the Gods with Super Human Strength and a great bike for a fast get away if I need it. I am a trash talker and it’s part of my game. I had a fantastic time trash talking the Russian, you will notice in the video that he kept smiling at the end but did not reply. Anyone that knows Ralph Perry knows those smiles. Or maybe the smile was complete shock because he played as bad as he did. Yosh Nakano and Sam Farha thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

Anyone that knows me knows that I would not try to force my poker ideas on other cultures or people. I would try to trash talk them under the table if the opportunity arises. I enjoy it! I play poker for fun, I have a poker related business that keeps my time very well covered and poker plays its role as entertainment for me, that entertainment includes writing letters to Phil Hellmuth and trash talking the Ralph Perrys of the world. If you meet me at a table and want to trash talk me, I say “Bring it on Bab.

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More Business and Future Poker Horizons

March 21, 2010

I have a new side to my business. I work at a variety of projects and try new ideas to see what works and what doesn’t and I keep reevaluating what I have accomplished and where I’m going. My latest business project is focusing on consulting and helping poker all over the world. I got a very good result in Lithuania where poker is now a sport and I feel I had a part in making that happen. I am proud that poker has a different status than casino games.

Domains are being blocked in Estonia but the good news is that it’s not hard to get a license and become legal in Estonia. I am in the process of setting up PokerNews Consultation and will help out gaming companies in this region, making it profitable to operate a business there.

I am passionate about poker and I believe everyone has the right to play.

I also believe everyone must prepare for a bike ride now and then…have you had yours today?

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March 09, 2010

I am in Lithuania right now having a good time with work. Most of you probably think of work as a task or something that you have to do to make your poker buy-in and pay the rent, but I enjoy work, especially if it is all about poker and the internet. It’s challenging and fun because it’s more like solving puzzles and fitting the pieces together to accomplish what I want. Along with work, I’m also enjoying family and friends and the feeling of home since I travel so much.

I will be going to France soon and play poker as well this month. There is a heads-up event I want to play in. I wasn’t good enough to get an invite to the NBC Heads-up so I hope to win this event to prove them wrong for not wanting me at the Heads-up competition. I want to teach other players to get ready for the Bike Ride and what better way than in a heads-up match?

Over the next few months I will be really focusing on my business and see just how far I can go with it. I won’t be playing much live and will reserve most of my playing time for PartyPoker. I hope to see you at the tables.

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NAPT Venetian $25K High Rollers

February 24, 2010

I’m in Las Vegas for the PokerStars NAPT $25K High Rollers event. There will be 49 players and the line up is pretty tough. I will be specifically looking for Daniel Negreanu. I had my bike shipped from the M Resort and was told it was on the way and should be at the Venetian by the time I arrived. My bike has gone missing. I am sure that Daniel took it since he is a bike mechanic. Until I find the bike, I won’t know where it went missing and if Daniel really had something to do with it.

I was asked before the High Roller heat started if I knew who was at my table. My reply was that I really didn’t want to know. Poker is still a game to me, I spend more time working on the business of poker and putting my contacts and knowledge of online poker to work for me than I do playing at the table. I want to enjoy the play of the game and if I have to spend every day grinding, I can’t, so I choose to work with poker in other ways that suit me and play when I want to play, that way I can laugh and enjoy my time with the game and the people I’m playing with.

But this is the line-up of the tables:

Table 1

1. Joe Sebok
2. Phil Laak
3. Justin Bonomo
4. David Williams
5. Joe Cassidy
6. Yevgeniy Timoshenko
7. Tommy Vedes

Table 2

1. (Satellite winner)
2. Dario Minieri
3. Tony G.
4. Alec Torelli
5. Isaac Haxton
6. Daniel Alaei
7. Peter Eastgate

Table 3

1. Chris Moneymaker
2. Keith Gibson
3. Joe Cada
4. Jason Mercier
5. Hasan Habib
6. Matt Glantz
7. Ashton Griffin

Table 4

1. Andrew Robl
2. Lee Markholt
3. John Hennigan
4. Phil Galfond
5. Alex Kamberis
6. Brett Richey
7. Daniel Negreanu

Table 5

1. J.C Tran
2. Joe Hachem
3. Annie Duke
4. Jennifer Tilly
5. Vanessa Rousso
6. Di Dang
7. Faraz Jaka

Table 6

1. Scott Seiver
2. Brian Rast
3. Chau Giang
4. Bertrand Grospellier
5. Antonio Esfandiari
6. Sorel Mizzi
7. Barry Greenstein

Table 7

1. Phil Hellmuth
2. Adam Richardson
3. Hoyt Corkins
4. Greg Raymer
5. John Duthie
6. Hevad Khan
7. Steven Paul (a.k.a. Steve Paul-Ambrose)

I have been skiing at Brian Head and only flew into Vegas late yesterday afternoon. I am tired but ready to play. After the High Rollers event I will be going to London and after that, returning to my home in Lithuania where I will spend time with family and relax for a bit. I am still working on my health and will continue to do that.

I will also work on my poker game as time permits and I will definitely work on finding out if Daniel is the one who sent my bike out of action. You can’t mess with Tony G’s bike and just walk away thinking there is no consequence. Consider this a bike warning to everyone!

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