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Poker Action in the Desert and Online Poker Payouts

May 18, 2011 3 comments

have been in Las Vegas for awhile now. I came in to take a crack at the WPT World Championship at Bellagio, made it through day 2 and then out on day 3. And I’m here to work, it’s the life of The G, work out with my trainer, play a little poker, go back to work. I love it!

I recently did an interview on ESPN’s podcast, the Poker Edge, with Gary Wise and Andrew Feldman about Black Friday. If you haven’t listened to it, you should because I serve the online poker community and I’m concerned about the silence that is running through Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker for the players that are waiting for a scrap of news.

The whole poker universe is a bit on the downside since the indictments were served on the Big Three. It was just over a month ago and not much has been resolved in player payouts with Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker/UB. PokerStars has taken care of their players, that speaks volumes in helping settle the issues with the DOJ and internet poker in general. I am involved in trying to work through it with some of the top level people at Full Tilt. And I am involved because it affects my business at PokerNews and my lifestyle in poker. We need to move forward with a positive sign to clear the rubble from the past and start building online poker into a safe, regulated system for everyone that wants to play.

I have been very outspoken about player payouts and I believe it’s coming down to a big decision that must be made soon. But there is good news, I can’t elaborate too much but I have information that leads me to understand the FTP teams’ personal assets are on the line and they will liquidate to pay the players if need be. Since more talk or pressure won’t make things happen any faster, I am asking everyone to give Full Tilt Poker two weeks of grace to sort this out. Follow my poker tweets <http://www.pokernews.com/twitter/TonyGuoga/> for the unedited version of what’s going on in the mind of The G and updates with Full Tilt and the online poker world. Follow me on Twitter for more updates: @TonyGuoga

Along with work and working out, I’ve been searching for worthy opponents to play heads-up poker with while I’m in the desert. I’m not looking for a nit, I’m looking for action and someone that wants to rumble on the felt with The G. Find me at The Wynn, just look around for Steve Wynn’s German Shepherds and the guy that’s trying to outrun them on the golf course, that’s me.

While I’m in Vegas I won’t make it to the Sunday Bike Ride at Party Poker, but I will return soon, with a bunch of bikes for those of you that want to try to bust me out of the action.


Percival May 18, 2011 Quote

Thanks for the update Tony, but asking PN readers to, "give FullTilt two more weeks to sort things out" is pretty weak. First you call them out (Howard Ledered and Chris Ferguson), then you ask your readers to give them more time? The truth about FullTilt is that since it's inception, FullTilt has flaunted a core competency that is centered around itself (a tiered business model of professional players), while at the same time, pushing it's customers onto the short end of the 'customer service stick'. My question to you is, in the history of on-line Poker and/or your business, what cumulative effort have you made in reporting on the lack of safeguards and deficient customer service that has been exhibited by Sites, many that fed you advertising revenues?

I'm not sure what you have for a PokerNEWS mission statement, or if it has anything to do with what REALLY matters to your readers. I hope so. But might I point out the following, and make a suggestion.

Websites, chat rooms, blogs and on-line poker clubs have been born from customers disappointed with the absence of acceptable customer service from on-line Poker sites. There are exceptions, but few. And none of the Poker media over the years, not one, have dared hold sites accountable, for fear of compromising advertising revenue streams, or dogging longtime friends or colleagues that have ownership stakes in some.

I suggest that you find a better balance in providing readers meaningful content, that can help improve their Poker experience, and advance the betterment of the Poker industry. This is a pivotal moment in Poker's history, and you and your business are in a position to make the kind of change necessary if Poker is to meet it's growth potential. Respectfully, your business is called, PokerNEWS, not PokerPROPAGANDA. And while nobody can disagree that you've built a successful business, I can assure you, that your readers (by and large) will appreciate learning more about customer service "hero" stories and/or nightmares, than of one of your correspondents three-day benders.

Just remember, without balance, there's noticeable imbalance. There are very few heroes in this industry, the door is wide open.

cybermarcian May 18, 2011 Quote

just a quicky post, on the day after i posted a suggestion of hiring a graphic designer to join the already huge and talented PN staff to give the site the personality it needed you guys released the new layout, wich is nice, specially the artwork. i personally really liked, kudos. but, of course theres a but, along with the new layout came the flood of advertisement/propaganda. thats really sad, and that really annoyed me. we know that its one of the pillars of a site, but it got really overwhealming, the positioning and the quantity/size of them, and i think 99% of the internet surfers do hate most are popups, and u got one right on the loading. fail. big phail.
just a humble opinion of a daily reader.

keep up the good work, looking forward for the wsop coverage. keep it down the over:flow-load-whelming advertisements.

have fun at vegas.

CaliGrinder72 May 20, 2011 Quote

"I am involved because it affects my business at PokerNews and my lifestyle in poker."

At least Tony is being truthful about the reasons behind his "concerns" for the affected players.

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