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Back in action with Leon

March 01, 2013

Tags: King's Casino Rozvadov, Leon Tsoukernik, Poker in Russia, Minsk poker.

I went back to King’s Casino to play more Pot Limit Omaha with Leon Tsoukernik – owner of Kings and my friend. A little over a week ago when I left Leon, he was swimming in his lake to get in shape for my next massive action attack on his chip stronghold. If you read my last blog post, you know that I managed to slide out on thin ice, grab the chips, and make it back to the jet that was waiting to take off – and do it with a profit after being buried under a glacier.

Note to Self: Leon can bury you even before you knew the hole was being dug.

I love playing poker with Leon but he is a very tough player. We started small with 1k-2k blinds and I was down just over 100K. The more I watch him play, the more I believe he isn’t creating very much value for me to play him heads-up anymore. Leon has killed nearly every top German pro in heads-up action over here in the last few months. His game has continued to improve and that’s not a good thing for me since I feed on intense action with a chance to score big. Go back to the lake Leon, chill, and we’ll talk about it when you come out.

The German High Roller is waiting; I’ll play it and then head to Minsk for the very serious, juicy poker action taking place this week.

One game leads to another

February 17, 2013

Tags: King's Casino Rozvadov, PLO, PartyPoker Premier League.

My last three-day trip to Kings Club, the best casino in Europe, has popped into my thoughts in sketches and replays. I wanted to add something to my last blog post just to keep the juices flowing and keep the fire to compete at the table burning hot in my own mind. Poker is like any other sport, take a long break and you get rusty, get rusty and you get busted, and I refuse to go there.

While playing heads-up in 2K-4K Euro on the first day at Kings Club, I closed out the session with a loss of 500K. That was also the beginning of the 10K High Roller Rebuy event where I got so tired I just walked away on day 2 and blinded out. More on that here. I get so bored, sometimes I should just stake people to these events and then cheer them on to a win instead of putting myself through grinding a tournament. The winner of the High Roller took it down for the third time in a row and picked up another 155K - it's the best value 10K event in the world with more fish than the Baltic Sea.

I didn't even show up for day 2 of the 10K High Roller Rebuy event and just let my average stack get blinded off. Day 2 was also Valentines Day and my big heart and all the commitment in the world told me to take a day off, rest up, spend time with my GF, and just ignore the 20K Euro that I burned through in the High Roller, so I did. I'm not promoting walking away from a tournament and letting my investment fly out the window, but when I'm burned out, I can't get there mentally and my game has no fire in it then.

On my last day at Kings Club I jumped back in the game with Leon. I was down another 1M almost before my butt hit the chair - that's how it felt anyway. I got the stakes jacked up to 5K-10K and the game was crazy. The last few minutes of the game ran out like a scene in a movie. I was down 1.5M total and with the driver waiting to take me to the airport, I had 20 minutes to make or break myself with cards and chips flying through the air.

In the final hand I held A-A and we got it all in pre flop for a 1.85M pot. It was a sick comeback. I ended up 300K winner for the trip.

Leon went to his lake for a cold plunge to prepare for my next trip.

I'll be back at Kings Club on the 25th of February and plan on playing in the German High Roller on the 26th.

Keep swimming Leon, I'll be back.

Then I'm off to play in the PartyPoker Premier League in London on the 16th of March. Stop by if you’re in town, it’s going to be fun.

Game Report - Donkey Gets Away

February 16, 2013

Tags: King's Casino Rozvadov, Nordas, Betting tips, Poker donkeys.

Yes, the head donkey that has a resort and a dog that can smell out a poker rat at the bottom of the ocean just finished up playing in the King's Casino Rozvadov poker room. The resort is Tony Resort and the dog is Nordas, guess who the donkey is. Who can live without their dog and a resort to keep him in? Even donkeys need a retreat and a dog that doesn't know they're a donkey.

I was twisted up in a massive heads-up battle over the last 72 hours; and in the middle of that, I was in a $10K buy-in heads-up battle in a rebuy high roller event. I played the $10K and had one rebuy with close to average chips for Day 2.

But it was Valentines Day! The day you're supposed to put your heart in a bouquet and hand it to someone special over a candlelit meal and a glass of wine that would please a king's palette. I was so tired after playing all night that I decided to take a day off from playing poker and rest and come back to win back some of my losses from the night before where I dropped 500K Euro playing $2K-$4K PLO with Leon.

So…I just let my average stack blind out in the high roller event and I was out the door to rest and have a good time with me GF.

A night of rest, a great day enjoying Cupid's arrows, and time away from the game, sent me back out to play heads-up today. It worked! I got stuck over 1M!

We jacked up the stakes to 5K-10K in the end and it was a super juicy, big, nice game. I admit my game has been pretty horrible and I'm ashamed. I'm donning my donkey feedbag as I write. Somehow, someway, in the last 15 minutes of play - as my private jet was waiting to fly me out - I went on a truly sick run. My last 100K magically changed into 1.85M Euro and I boarded my plane with a win of over 300K for the trip.

HOT TIP: Let your 10K rebuy events blind out if you are tired; save your energy for the comeback.

Be advised that my feedbag isn’t always visible, watch your chips and play the game when we meet at the table because I’m playing to win everything you have, including your feedbag.

Off to King's Casino Rozvadov and an inside tip

February 13, 2013

Tags: Tonybet.com, King's Casino Rozvadov, Nordas, Sports betting tips.

It's been awhile, I've been a very, very, very busy person. But it's time to catch up. I'm on my way to King's Casino Rozvadov on the Bavarian/Czech border tonight. It's all about the game, there's an exceptional high roller cash game going on and that's what gets my juices flowing and kicks up the excitement in The G. Nordas drools in front of a freshly cooked Tony G steak but he can't compare to the salivating I'm capable of when I know there's big cash action and the potential to play heads-up. I'm going to stay a few days, maybe longer, feast on great food, play high-stakes cash games, and watch my bets on Real Madrid come home tonight.

I've been enjoying life at Tony Resort and I'm trying to ease myself back into playing more poker recently. The Resort keeps me busy and away from poker traveling but I don't miss the big poker festivals at Leon's place because King's Casino is the best card room in Europe and I see it as being put up in a castle for a few days. Take warning: Don't touch my blinds! If you try to touch my castle, I'll fire on you and you'll never cross the moat! Old memories die hard...these guys in Denmark once offered me a castle to live in but their promise didn't hold water (they must've used it for the moat).

If you follow The G, you know that I live in my own resort and the only appeal for a retreat would be a castle, especially if it’s stocked with a high-stakes cash game.

You know about my sports' betting tips, right? A lot of you ask and I was so focused on the Super Bowl that I forgot to put them up on Twitter and Facebook.

I backed the Ravens all the way so it's all good but in this Madrid V Man United Champions League match, I am basically betting Madrid not to lose and consistently betting against United. Last night I had the pleasure of playing poker with a lot of the Man United players from last year - they're all great lads - but Mourinho and the Bernabeu, plus Ronaldo's current form tells me I am guaranteed to win a fortune...I know where my money is.

Get the best odds now at Tonybet.com and if you aren't happy with the odds, send me a message and I will find out why.

Time for the big cash game, the drool is getting on the keyboard.